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Valkyrie - Shadows Award winner

by Chelsea Jennings at 17 July 2015, 8:35 PM

VALKYRIE is something of a Traditional Doom Metal legend on the underground metal scenes; and have been for some time now.  However that may soon change for the Doom Metal warriors with their latest release "Shadows" as VALKYRIE's latest release has the real potential to put the band in the mainstream Doom Metal spotlight. Their first release in the past seven years is now hear, and "Shadows" is well worth every moment of the seven-year wait. VALKYRIE are coming back onto their rock-n-roll scene with a massive, sonic boom that the entire meal world should sit up and hear now. VALKYRIE has put their latest release "Shadows" out via Relapse Records.

The impressive vocal "acrobatics" of Jake & Pete Adams on "Shadows" must be greatly appreciated. This adds that traditional "doom-y" snarl to the music that is expected on the traditional Doom Metal scene. From the opening track "Mountain Stomp" the listener could possibly be fooled into believing that it's Joey Belladona (ANTHRAX) singing rather than Jake & Pete Adams. The raw, unharnessed power of the pair's vocal performances sets the base for the strong album that listeners are about to witness. The brothers set a base for a solid Doom Metal release that is about to assault the listener's ears in the seven tracks that follow.

Accompanied by the brilliant "doom-beats" provided by Alan Fary on the Bass and Warren Hawkins on the Drums, the musical performance of VALKYRIE on this release is just as impressive as the vocal performance. Much of the music sounds like Thrash/Doom legends ANTHRAX to the untrained ear. Yet listen closely, and there is definitely something a bit different about VALKYRIE from ANTHRAX. There is an edge, a youthfulness, and a passion about this band that push them to even the next level above what the CD itself manifests through every note on the entire CD. This is unmistakably the sound of a young band hungry to get their "big break" on the next level.

The differences stem into the songs and the original material found in many of the songs. "Golden Age" adds a glimmer of hope to the album reminiscing about the wonderful years past when things were innocent and perfect. "Shadow Of Reality" bluntly discusses how so many people live in this world without actually understanding what is going on around them. Reality is shadowed by our minds eye and what we want to see, and not what others want to see. "Carry On" reminds us that bad stuff happens to everyone at some point, but we have to keep carrying on and living life. Nothing can get us down unless we let it.

It's really awesome how there are both positive and negative lyrics/songs on this record. The music of VALKYRIE is very true to the sound of Doom Metal both musically, and vocally but VALKYRIE have managed to inject so much passion and enjoyment into their music that it really makes it evident that this is what they were born to do. "Shadows" will be the CD that helps push VALKYRIE to the "mainstream" of metal. VALKYRIE are an underground legend, and soon they might have the same status in the "mainstream" metal world. Look to hear this name more in the future.

5 Star Rating

1. Mountain Stomp
2. Golden Age
3. Temple
4. Shadow Of Reality
5. Winter Plains
6. Echoes (Of The Way We Lived)
7. Carry On
Jake Adams - Vocals & Guitars
Pete Adams - Vocals & Guitars
Alan Fary - Bass
Warren Hawkins - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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