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Valkyrie's Cry - Valkyrie's Cry (CD)

Valkyrie's Cry
Valkyrie's Cry
by Harry Papadopoulos at 30 June 2009, 5:28 PM

Instead of a prologue for the band, I'd like to say something about the Press releases from the records companies. Ok, I can understand that they will not write anything bad about a new release but sometimes they exaggerate about them. I know that most of us that write in a magazine, printed or online, don't read them. If we did and believed them all the albums should score almost a perfect rate.The only thing I liked in this one was that probably the one that wrote it has a good sense of humor.

As for VALKYRIE'S CRY, they are coming from Toronto, Canada. The band came to life in 2004 by Dip Evil and Lord Justin Godin. Before their debut album, they released a demo and played in some festivals. After some lineup changes, they signed a contract with Pure Steel Records  and now their self-titled album is in my hands for review.

Now, let's talk about the music itself. Well, these four guys are trying to play old school Heavy Metal like the things we used to listen back in the early 80's. I really love this era, I was raised with this sound, but in order to play music you have to have the skills and, nowadays, proper production. Well, in this album I can't say I found any of those two things. The production is like an average demo, where the guitars are buried and the drums and vocals are in front. If this album was released 25 years earlier, we might have said that it could have an above average production, but for year 2009 you expect more things. As for the band itself, in my humble opinion these guys don't have the potential for something good. I know it's only their first album, but they have to work 24/7 in order to become an average band. Dip Evil's voice is out of tune most of the times and the rest of the musicians didn't impress me. As an exception I would say that some of the ideas of Lord Godin have some interest.

As you probably understood, I wasn't impressed by this CD. In this album I found a crappy production and a band that needs a lot of practice to sum it to something that will reach the average bands. Some 80's Metal fans that still think we are living back in that era may find one or two good ideas, but even for them this may be a bad album. I'm going to listen to some proper good old Heavy Metal now and try to forget about Valkyrie's Cry.

1 Star Rating

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Valkyrie's Cry
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Dip Evil - Vocals
Lord Godin - Guitars
Lord Kilian - Bass
Kaveh - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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