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Valley of the Sun - Old Gods

Valley of the Sun
Old Gods
by Cullen Balbridge at 26 May 2019, 11:22 AM

VALLEY OF THE GODS is a four man alternative band out of Cincinnati Ohio, formed in 2010, "Old Gods" is their third release to date. They have been compared to the likes of CLUTCH, ALICE IN CHAINS, and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. Ryan's vocals have been compared to Steven Tyler of AEROSMITH and even the late, great alternative God himself, Chris Cornell . Ryan says that "Old Gods" represents to him who he was, who he is and the person he would like to become . "Old Gods" Chris and Josh entombed the song with a dark, simplistic vibe, escalating into something more complex about the time Aarons drums come rolling in, it's a full two minutes and  11 seconds before you get a taste of Ryan's vocals, immediately you understand the comparison to Chris Cornell, Clutch and Alice In Chains, about the same energy level flowing through out the song.

"All We Are" is deep and dark…not fast but not slow by any means, remaining the same in all aspects vocals are slow paced, to me, it's basically a song about nothingness until we break free from our own darkness. "Gaia Creates" Mellow instrumental to lose your thought in for a moment. "Dim Visions." Picking up the pace, rocking out on this one, push the volume to 10 and jam, heaviest song for sure so far, basically the same alternative type feeling as the others but bringing a new level of heavier energy, a welcomed break from the slower melodic songs, great song, energy, vocals and musicianship. "Shiva Destroys" didn't really destroy anything, it's j just a short instrumental, I liked the beat but would have been cooler if it was longer. "Fire Walker" has upbeat vocals, upbeat guitars, upbeat drums, racing to get to the end, the end of the song that is one minute and 38 seconds to be exact.

"Into The Abyss" has a GUNS 'N ROSES vibe with ALICE IN CHAINS type vocals, wasn't nothing like the name had suggested to me, not a bad song at all, just wasn't what I was expecting, I guess sometimes that's the point. In "Faith Is For Suckers," It felt like I had heard this song before, but I guess that would be impossible since this is the 1st time I laid ears upon these talented guys, it has a 70's feel going on with a STONE TEMPLE PILOTS type vibe, interesting concept without a doubt. "Buddha Transcends" has a short tranquil solo. "Means The Same" has a catchy riff that I can't place but feel like I've heard it before, solid guitars, perfect drum placement filling every gap, very well put together. It bothers me that I can't place the riff that I wanna compare it too, I'll be like oh yeah after I turn this review, very good effort all around. "Dreams Of Sand" starts out with mellow guitars, a tap of the symbol here and there, progressing into something much heavier and switching back and forth between mellow and heavy throughout the song with a deep forbidden bass implemented behind it all caring its own weight and supporting everything, including the melodic vocals .

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 5
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.    Old Gods
2.    All We Are
3.    Gaia Creates
4.    Dim Visions
5.    Shiva Destroys
6.    Fire Walker
7.    Into The Abyss
8.    Faith Is For Suckers
9.    Buddha Transcends
10.  Means The Same
11. Dreams Of Sands
Ryan Ferrier - Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Boyer - Drums
Chris Sweeney - Bass, Keyboards
Josh Pilot- Guitar
Record Label: Fuzzorama Records


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