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Valor - Arrogance: The Fall

Arrogance: The Fall
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 September 2017, 5:05 PM

“In the name of Valor, we live and we die…”. There is a lot of power in such kind of metaphoric phrase, a sheer motivation to do no matter what for the cause to remain true and just. Though it might seem as a cliché’ to most of you readers, which is alright and quite understandable judging the fact that we have been listening to these phrasings from major acts as MANOWAR, I believe that the Greek VALOR are true to their dedication and their band’s foundation. Without rushing things in order to ensure quality in their latest work, the Athenians released their next epic venture, “Arrogance: The Fall”, via the Cypriot Pitch Black Records. I can’t say that I listened to their previous album of four years ago in full, yet I do trust that a time was well spent for this here album.

Scaling between aspects of traditional Heavy Metal through the European vibe of 90s and 00s Power Metal, VALOR presented everything as crystal clear within “Arrogance: The Fall”. While listening to I could sense a nice collection of bands that came to mind such as early EDGUY / POWER QUEST / FAIRYLAND / DARK MOOR / ARRYAN PATH / WINTER’S VERGE, among the many of the same spectrum. Following the European vibe, VALOR assembled a notable melodic riffing front, whether through the twin guitar force, which also came up with some bewildered soloing efforts, or the overhaul keyboards that attributed a sort of traditional Greek folklore or even Middle Eastern feel to the music. These well thought harmonic fundamentals aided to convey visions of dramatic state of events throughout the album. Songwriting wise, it is true that there is the hooking and catchy elements that maintained a rather dominant role in their songs, yet there are also the creative C-parts and multifaceted passages that showcases a talented musical performance.

On the other hand, I couldn’t help but notice that there were occasions within the album that made me feel as if the band were holding out on me, not fully showing their potential at composing profound tunes, as if they restrained themselves and could have done just a bit more to have a golden release. Nonetheless, “Arrogance: The Fall” still rendered VALOR as a group that strives to be prolific. When listening to the intensively melodic hymn “Sanctuary for All”, which sounded to me like a full scale gathering of the band’s force, no further words are needed in order to comprehend their songwriting quality. The lead single “Flying Away” wasn’t also too far beyond, testifying the might of the late 90s of the Euro Power Metal revival, as well as the striking duo “The Crown of Evermore” and its following “Dark are the Eyes of the Night”, entrapping by both their heavy and melodic nature that are easy to fall for. The sweeping final track, “No Angel’s Face”, sounded like a lost track that EDGUY left behind earlier in their career, spectacular ending for the album.

Without attempting to go out shooting outside their genre, “Arrogance: The Fall” is living out to be quite a promise in nowadays Metal. Coming from such a big scene in Greece, I believe that VALOR can, and with enough ambition will be, one of the stronger bands in their area.

Purchase Link: Pitch Black Records

4 Star Rating

1. Uprising
2. Arrogant Fall
3. Flying Away
4. In the Name of Valor
5. The Crown of Evermore
6. Dark are the Eyes of the Night
7. Pandora’s Gift
8. In Another Time
9. Sanctuary for All
10. No Angel’s Face
Vaggelis Krouskas – Vocals
Spyros Soldatos – Guitars
Vasilis Kourkoutas – Guitars
Chris Remoundos – Bass
Thodoris Andritsos – Drums
Thanasis Lois – Keyboards
Record Label: Pitch Black Records


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