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Valtari - Hunter's Pride Award winner

Hunter's Pride
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 31 January 2014, 2:41 AM

VALTARI is a Melodic Death Metal solo band project based in Lithgow, a small town near Sydney.  Formed in 2010 and released “Fragments Of A Nightmare”, the debut, in 2012 and “Hunter's Pride” recently. The whole album was written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marty Warren.

“Enshrined In Ice” turned out to be my first pick out of this album, rapidly fell for the music. There is a perfect vigor, melodic riffing clasping my skull tightly, a great hit of Death Metal. “Bitterness” lashing out fiercely with strong similarities to IN FLAMES and CHILDREN OF BODOM, Warren provides a show of immensely tight rhythm section and an overall melodic music with sheer power. “Can You Hear Me?” hypnotized with its riffs, might be your traditional Melodic Death Metal, yet it became more than grand. “Undefeatable” displayed attractive riffery, explosive guitar work along with a benevolent frozen Scandinavian climate, though the Aussie origins. It persisted on “Shatter The Myth”, crunchy riffs a bit sliding towards the valleys of Black Metal. “In Slides” and “The Gift” drawing additional Swedish 90’s Death with absolute massiveness, aggressive guitaring with catchiness. “With A Childs Smile” proved why Metal is my main thing and “Tyrant” characterized by a marsh of drums, diverse Metal approach, a true vision of Aussie Metal. “Hunter's Pride” offered a portion of oriental echoes and well written riffs, a true soul penetrator, brutal and melodic, just what I needed.

“Hunter's Pride” is highly recommend for every Metalhead who shares his extremity with a  pure melodic sense. Marty Warren might be a Swedish Metal fan, yet he was able to present several unique ideas throughout his creations, applying modern techniques. Check this one out. 

5 Star Rating

1. Bitterness
2. Undefeatable
3. Can You Hear Me?
4. Shatter The Myth
5. In Slides
6. With A Childs Smile
7. Enshrined In Ice
8. Tyrant
9. The Gift
10. Hunter's Pride
Marty Warren – All Instruments 
Record Label: Independent


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