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Vampyromorpha - Herzog

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 03 January 2020, 6:05 AM

To mix Doom Metal’s standard elements with melodies of traditional Heavy Metal isn’t a new thing. Honestly, it’s one of the genre’s roots, although it can sound a bit cleaner that earlier works from ST. VITUS, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, TROUBLE and many other pioneers. And the duet VAMPYROMORPHA is specialized in doing a fine mix between both genres, as can be heard on “Herzog”, their second and latest release.

The band doesn’t fit on the old Doom Metal format, because the sonority is not as dirty as some fans would like. They have a cleaner insight, using melodic and tender instrumental with some different musical influences appearing here and there in a subjective way, and having as inspiration for the lyrics tales of horror, death, demons, witches and many more horror elements. It’s not enough to be a new MERCYFUL FATE or GHOST (and it’s not their intention to be in such ways), but they have personality enough to do things in their own way. Recorded and mixed by Fabian Schwarz and mastered by Stefan Gassner, the sonority of “Herzog” tries to be clean and heavy at the same time, but always with a crude touch (as can be heard clearly on “The Dead Walks Home Alone at Night”). And it fits on their music, but not 100%, what can be done on their next release.

The dirty modern melodies of “Darkness Whore” (very good guitar and keyboards that creates the right horror feeling), the ‘Sabbathian’ experimental feeling that permeates some parts of “Deadlier Than Dracula” (good clean vocals, indeed), the seductive rhythm of “Cannibal Musical” (what means that bass guitar and drums are solid as a rock here), the charming melodies and vocals of “The Dead Walks Home Alone at Night”, and the amazing energy of “Vampyromadness” are the album’s finest songs. But after one or two times on the album, it becomes easier to be understood and absorbed.

It’s not an album that is so easy to be understood juts hearing once or twice, so listen to “Herzog” as many times as you can. But VAMPYROMORPHA doesn’t need a great effort to be heard as well.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Darkness Whore
2. Deadlier Than Dracula
3. Cannibal Musical
4. The Thirsty Dead
5. Waiting and Die
6. The Dead Walks Home Alone at Night
7. Witchlicker
8. Vampyromadness
Jim Grant - Vocals
Nemes Black - Guitars, Bass, Organ
Philipp “Flip” Klinger - Drums (session)
Record Label: MDD Records


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