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Vampyromorpha - Fiendish Tales Of Doom Award winner

Fiendish Tales Of Doom
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 10 August 2016, 9:54 PM

When Doom Metal comes near some nasty and brutal slow tempos, it can really offer some excellent results. That’s because the true nature of the style has deep and strong roots in BLACK SABBATH’s lysergic and heavily bitter sound; from those slow paced, funereal songs from their first three albums. And horror also has a lot of common features with Doom Metal - thus allowing bands like the German duo VAMPYROMORPHA to unleash Hell with "Fiendish Tales Of Doom".

Speaking clearly: this album is the physical version of "Six Fiendish Tales of Doom and Horror…" - the band's first album, which was released previously only in digital format. Yet now we can appreciate this album in its full potential (sorry, but digital tracks suffer a great loss of quality).

Here, we have a demonic and horror-based band, with a heavy and slow approach to Metal, but also with some rhythmic changes that are very catchy. Melodies arise from the depths of these guys’ dark souls to make a charming and catchy type of music; but beware, because it's truly addictive, and heavy as a mammoth.

This masterpiece of madness and chaos was recorded and mixed by Nemes Black (the band's guitarist, bassist and drummer) at Ocean Studios in Burbank, California. And he did some very good work, because the sound that flows from the speakers is truly heavy and bitter, having a very good amount of rawness on the instrumental tones; which fits their musical work perfectly. In addition to that, the artwork was created by the Goatess Doomwych, who created something that can make shivers runs down your spines.

On the original version, six songs were presented, and they are here again, having as their best moments the bitter and melodic "Deliver Us from the Good" (having excellent Hammond parts and very good guitars, and a Gothic Rock influence in some moments); the Sabbathic and introspective "Häxanhammer", with its fine musical arrangements; the long and full of great rhythmic changes and harmonies "Satan's Palace" (the clean moments transmit a fear of the darkness due the bitter guitar riffs, excellent work from bass, drums and vocals); and the aggressiveness of the slow and tasteful "Bacchus" (due the raw tones of guitars and bass - but the clean vocals are also there to create some magical moments). Also, as a bonus, the last song is a version FLEETWOOD MAC's "I'm So Afraid", that here gained a terrifying Doom Metal atmosphere, without tearing out the original melodies. It's the purest AOD; or in other words, Adult Orientated (Horror) Doom.

Let yourself be drowned in their vortex of Doom Metal energy and horror.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

  1. Deliver Us From The Good
  2. Häxanhammer
  3. Metuschelach Life Cycle
  4. Satan's Palace
  5. Bacchus
  6. Peine Forte Et Dure
  7. I Am So Afraid
Jim Grant - Vocals, Hammond
Nemes Black - Guitar, Bass, Drums
Record Label: Trollzorn Records


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