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Van Canto - Trust in Rust Award winner

Van Canto
Trust in Rust
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 05 October 2018, 7:18 AM

The differences and musical experimentations can’t be torn apart from Metal. They’re an important part of evolution, because these are the elements that keep Metal alive and actual. Sorry to say these words to some, but you can stay on the 70's or the 80's as you want, but if these features wouldn’t exist, for sure you wouldn’t be hearing Metal. This feeling of a deep respect to deal with Metal albums is what a writer must bear in every chance of hearing a new form of music. That’s the right feeling that strikes us all when VAN CANTO’s new album, “Trust in Rust” starts to play. The band uses only two instruments: drums and a set of vocals that emulate all other instruments. Yes, it’s Metal form of a cappella music, different from anything you can think of. And they use this talent to build a form of music near Power Metal/Symphonic Metal that has excellent melodies (that aren’t difficult to assimilate), great choruses (that can remind you of some moments created by QUEEN), and with the right amount of energy and technique. Everything works on their music as they must.

On the production of “Trust in Rust”, everything is in an excellent level. To use a cappella voices in the place of the traditional instruments demands a careful work on the recording, mixing and mastering, adjusting the volumes and effects in each track for the songs. And they hit the target, because you can understand every little arrangement without great efforts of our attention. In musical terms, they composed nine excellent tracks, and recorded two versions for old Metal/Rock classics that will astonish you all. And as their finest moments on this album, “Back in the Lead” with its aggressive melodies (the emulation of guitar riffs and solos is amazing), the fine contrast between female and male voices heard on “Javelin” and on “Trust in Rust” (this one is filled with excellent catchy parts), the sharp and heavy harmonies on “Melody” (the bass emulation along with the drums is perfect), the grandiosity that “Neverland” bears in every moment, and the tempos contrasts of “Darkest Days” and “Infinity” can hypnotize anyone due its charming musical arrangements. It’s almost a sin to leave any song out of a list, so hear all the songs alike. Oh, you want to know about the songs they recorded of other bands? Well, if these new version done on VAN CANTO’s style of HELLOWEEN’s “Ride the Sky” (with some vocals done by Kai Hansen himself), and AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” (conserving the original elements, but with a sharp tune of voices on lead vocals) won’t convince you of their value as a Metal band, you’re deaf, dead or nuts!

And the version of the album I have here has some bonuses: the orchestral versions for “The Mission”, “Rain”, “Hero”, “Take to the Sky”, “Water Fire Heaven Earth”, “My Voice”, “If I Die in Battle”, “The Higher Flight”, “Unholy”, and “The Other Ones”. All of them really tasteful songs, each one of them with its own value. We can say that “Trust in Rust” is an excellent work, and VAN CANTO deserves to be praised for their originality!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Back in the Lead
2. Javelin
3. Trust in Rust
4. Ride the Sky
5. Melody
6. Neverland
7. Desert Snake
8. Darkest Days
9. Infinity
10. Hells Bells
11. Heading Home
12. The Mission (Orchestral Version)
13 Rain (Orchestral Version)
14. Hero (Orchestral Version)
15. Take to the Sky (Orchestral Version)
16. Water Fire Heaven Earth (Orchestral Version)
17. My Voice (Orchestral Version)
18. If I Die in Battle (Orchestral Version)
19. The Higher Flight (Orchestral Version)
20. Unholy (Orchestral Version)
21. The Other Ones (Orchestral Version)
Inga Scharf - Lead Vocals
Hagen Hirschmann - Lead Vocals
Ingo Sterzinger - Vocals (Doom a Bass)
Ross Thompson - Vocals (High, Rakkatakka)
Stefan Schmidt - Vocals (Low, Rakkatakka), Vocals (Wah-Wah)
Jan Moritz - Vocals (Bass)
Bastian Emig - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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