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Vanden Plas - Christ 0 (CD)

Vanden Plas
Christ 0
by Ian Kaatz at 19 May 2006, 3:40 AM

Vanden Plas have been around for a while and they have certainly made a name for themselves. They have toured all over Europe and released many albums, however I believe that they might be running out of ideas for their music. This is interesting in certain ways because of the story and the music, but it is lacking something; tune in to find out what.
Vanden Plas first started out in 1985, but weren't able to get a Demo made until 1991 and weren't able to release a full album until 1995 with the Colour Temple. Before releasing that album, they performed the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar from 1992-1994. They would go on to release several albums and tour with Dream Theater. Members would also participate in the projects known as Missa Mercuria, Consortium Project and Abydos.
This album is based on the book The Count Of Monte Cristo. Having never read the book or seen the movie, I thought I was in for a little bit of a treat. The album starts out with a good track, Christ 0. Then the next track comes and this is where I have a little bit of a problem. For the rest of the album it pretty much sounds the same, yes, each song is slightly different just not enough. My problem with Vanden Plas overall is that they have a definite sound and it doesn't really vary from each album. Granted I like the sound, but I need progression from a Progressive Metal band. I also understand that bands have their own sound, but I just can't get around this one.
Basically Vanden Plas put out an album that is pretty good but nothing really spectacular. If you like Vanden Plas then it is very likely that you will enjoy this album because it has that sound that is their signature. However if you are looking for them to put out a groundbreaking album then you need to look elsewhere.

3 Star Rating

Christ O
Postcard To God
Wish You Were Here
Shadow I Am
Fireroses Dance
Somewhere Alone In The Dark
January Sun
Lost In Silence
Stephan Lill - Guitars
Torsten Reichert - Bass
Andreas Lill - Drums
Andy Kuntz - Vocals
Gunter Werno - Keyboards
Record Label: Inside Out Records


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