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Vanderbuyst - The Flying Dutchmen Award winner

The Flying Dutchmen
by Rebecca Miller at 13 December 2012, 4:39 PM

Some of you may be aware of my love for music that was produced before I was even born. So, when a band comes around, and they sound like they’re from the Eighties, with better production values – well, that’s got them off to a good start in my eyes. And luckily, VANDERBUYST do not disappoint.

This is their third full length album, and it’s a bit of a stomper. From the very first riff, VANDERBUYST invite you in to have a good time. And I think that is what “The Flying Dutchmen” is all about – having fun, and getting back to the roots of the genre, when it really was all about sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Some people may accuse bands like this of living in the past, but there’s a reason that bands from that era are still going strong today – it’s good music, pure and simple. It doesn’t feel like VANDERBUYST are just a gimmick either, they do what they do because they love the music, not letting the music take a back seat to an act. And you do get a real sense of fun when you’re listening to the album – it’s not music for music’s sake, you really can tell that they’re enjoying what they’re doing.

But luckily, it’s not just a good attitude that they’ve put into this album – the three guys are all very good musicians as well. The album’s not pure Rock ‘n’ Roll either, you’ve got “Give Me One More Shot” which shows their quieter, and dare I say it, more sensitive side. But going back to the musicianship on show here – the riffs and hooks and beats all sound like they would have been right at home in the Eighties, but they’ve also got a 21st century feel to them – the sound’s not muddy, and everything is really well balanced. Jonkman’s vocals are pure power, reminiscent of some Hair Metal singers, and his bass playing is just as good as his voice. Verbuyst’s fret work was the star of the show for me though, with rhythms that’ll get everyone moving, and stick in your head for days. Van Esbroek’s drumming is also very good, complementing the other two members of the band really well.

So if, like me, you yearn for the days of Rock when it wasn’t about what the band looked like, or who they’ve been seen with, when it was simply about the music, then you will love VANDERBUYST, and you’ll love this album. No frills fun.

4 Star Rating

1. Frivolous Franny
2. Waiting In The Wings
3. Give Me One More Shot
4. The Butcher’s Knife
5. Tears Won’t Rinse
6. Never Be Clever
7. In Dutch
8. Johnny Got Lucky
9. Lecherous
10. Flying Dutchman
11. Welcome To The Night
Jochen Jonkman – Vocals/Bass
Willem Verbuyst – Guitar
Barry Van Esbroek - Drums
Record Label: Van Records


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