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Vandroya - One Award winner

by YngwieViking at 07 January 2013, 1:49 PM

In my CD review for Sao Paulo’s SOULSPELL third chapter “Hollow’s Gathering”, I mentioned and praised the name Daisa Munhoz, an amazing young vocalist that stole the show from all other female vocalist that sung on that still pretty recommended Metal Opera. Since then my Metal radars were ready to catch the release of her very own band’s album, their first ever.

The similarities between VANDROYA & SOULSPELL are indeed numerous; they both evolved within the same melodic Power Metal fierce & epic style. The VANDROYA’s mastermind, main songwriter/guitar player Marco Lambert is also playing in the last couple of albums… But most of all they also covered stupendously “Change The Tide”, one of the best track out of “Hollow’s Gathering” with a guest forceful vocal contribution by fellow SOULSPELL’s Leandro Caçoilo (SEVENTH SEAL ex-ETERNA) instead of Mike Vescera (OBSESSION ex-LOUDNESS ex-RISING FORCE ex-REIGN OF TERROR ex-DR SIN) on the original version.

The rest of the songs are equally awesome or even stronger, with a recurrent sharp and chunky riffing, obsessive praxis, which is spread all over those fine compositions, with a great attribute common to all: Hooks, more hooks all over and even more hooks. In addition, there is the ability to remain traditional, in the pure classic Headbangin’ Steel convention while throwing in a few sophisticated and complex structures but without losing the focus on the effectiveness. The clear sound crafted by Marco Lambert is also very helping, in order to keep the powerful straight strength flowing again & again. The now, very conventional Symphonic Orchestral arrangements are dispersed all over the recording but still in the same perfect balance between, elegance, finesse, subtlety and true ardent Metallic orthodoxy.

The lead vocals provided by the lovely Daisa Munhoz are astonishing, from high soprano squeals to warm soul full breathing sounds,  from soft whispering to throaty harsh spitting, she can do everything in a very convincing way with yet a perfect articulation, the whole spectrum is fulfilled effortlessly with sheer ingenuity and brilliance. The beautiful ballad “Why Should We Say Goodbye” is presented twice in the Japanese edition by Spiritual Beast Records, the second time in a more stripped rendition, with only Piano / vocals as a bonus track.

So …Ok, maybe similar bands in Brazil and elsewhere plays that kind of crushing heavy music, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for them mainly because their incredible playing skills and their talent isn’t actually so current for such a young band. If I have to make some analogies, I will say obviously compatriots SHADOWSIDE or CARAVELLUS, perhaps SYMPHONY X but mostly Vitalij Kuprij’s ARTENSION, notably the 3rd number “No Oblivion For Eternity” that soundsg pretty much like John West & co, in their 1997’s “Phoenix Rising” era (in my mouth it's an immense compliment, because as I still cherish dearly the early ARTENSION releases). After Scandinavia's dominance in the 90s, Is this the new dominion of South America, and Brazil especially, on melodic Heavy Metal??? Yes definitely.

4 Star Rating

1. All Becomes One
2. The Last Free Land
3. No Oblivion for Eternity
4. Within Shadows
5. Anthem (For the Sun)
6. Why Should We Say Good Bye ?
7. Change the Tide
8. When Heaven Decides to Call
9. This World of Yours
10. Solar Night
11. Why Should We Say Good Bye ?  (Piano version)
Marco Lambert  - Lead Guitars
Daisa Munhoz  - Lead Vocals
Gee Perlati  -Bass
Rodolfo Pagotto -Lead Guitars
Otávio Nuñez  - Drums
Gabriel Mangioni –Keyboards / Orchestrations
Leandro Caçoilo – Guest Lead Vocals
Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings


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