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Vanexa - Vanexa Award winner

by Michael J Coyle at 30 July 2014, 6:59 PM

Many will know the originators of the classic wave of Heavy Metal, many will not know of the Italian architects who brought their own taste of metal to the lands of Italy, today I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing a band that brought power to Italy and brought metal to a land yearning for their own Metal city rockers!!

We start with the opening track “Metal City Rockers”, a powerful and very classic track which would at first glimpse give you the impression that these Italian titans were an Italian SAXON mixed with JUDAS PRIEST, but the style of playing that these gentlemen are able to pull off is in fact a style that these en produced themselves. True enough you would think that these guys would have probably picked up their bits and pieces from watching the NWOBHM but in another sense you can feel this power cursing through them as if they were pissed by another force all together, true strength in one song.

We now begin with the next track lost war sons, in a sense from the title there seemed to be a Maidenish vibe flowing through the title but from listening to the actual track you feel this sense that it is men to be an anthem for the people and the people who want to rise above from any of the bull that they feel each and every day. I have to say it does the trick in my opinion, its strong and its ready to fight for what it believes in at all costs, without a doubt his is a true metal anthem for the young generation for those who want to fight back and fight they shall.

To finish up, I wasn’t much aware of this band until being given this review, and I have to say that this album has brought another to my library of what to get in the year, the album was recently re issued so for those interested in this band and like what you hear I would defiantly suggest adding this to your collection and bringing the Italian spirit into your life.

I’m going to give this record a ten out of ten because this is a band that deserves the praise for the hard work put in this self titled record, normally for a self titled it can be risky as it will reflect on what the band is about, many have done this and a lot f the time they would have failed, but this succeeds without fail.

5 Star Rating

1. Metal City Rockers
2. Lost War
3. I Wanna See Fires
4. 1000 Nights
5. If You Fear The Pain
6. Across The Ruins
7. Rainbow In The Night
Sergio Pagnacco - Bass
Silvano Bottari  - Drums
Marco Spinelli – Vocals
Roberto Merlone – Guitars
Record Label: Spider Rock Promotion


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