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Vanguard X Mortem - Neptune Fragrance

Vanguard X Mortem
Neptune Fragrance
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 20 October 2014, 2:10 PM

VANGUARD X MORTEM is a Symphonic Metal project of the guitarist/songwriter L.C.F. (COMEDIE MACABRE) born in Paris, France in 2011. Band has released album "Vanguardismortem” in 2012 and "Neptune Fragrance” on 3th September 2014.

Intro "L'Escalier”, with gentle violins and choir together with guitar solo, create a beautiful atmosphere. Nice symphonic keys and orchestra sound in “Markizian Secret” with heavier riffs together with fine opera female vocal and harsh male singing sounds really great. This is an interesting track where progressive rates mix together with a mysterious atmosphere.

Synthesizers in “Shrine for Peace” sounds really climatic with lower and heavier guitar riffs, also a mix of both voices – operatic and harsh is very good. In “Garden of Madness” synthesizers with great melodic guitars make a baroque climate, here are hear able also Gothic melodic elements, Tanz Metal in RAMMSTEIN style, and Power Metal echoes with piano at the end. The last and longest track on album called “Venus Visage” is a great work with stronger and lower guitars with nice climate of piano and choir in singing.

Also worth a listen are: instrumental track “La Grande Révérence” where organs sounds brilliant, titled track “Neptune Fragrance” with total sound of Atmospheric Metal where balsamic woman's voice sounds fine together in duo with harsh male vocals and powerful drums with gentle violins and great guitar work, “The Whisper” with wonderful violins, progressive rate, and kick-ass “Infernal Keys” with power, operatic voice, and harsh together, also with choir.

This album from VANGUARD X MORTEM has power, energy and melody! Their music is Symphonic Metal with Progressive, modern echoes, and of course melody. They show new ideas without pattern. Every song on “Neptune Fregnance” is surprise!  You never know what you can expect for a while. There is positively no schematic. They perfectly connect different styles with energy and melody. Surely all fans of Symphonic Progressive Metal who like connection wouldn’t be disappointed with this CD. I think they have potential and I believe in their future. It is really interesting music and each time you listen to it, it is possible to discover new beauty!

3 Star Rating

1. L'Escalier
2. Markizian Secret
3. Infernal Keys
4. Neptune Fragrance
5. Shrine for Peace
6. Garden of Madness
7. The Whisper
8. La Grande Révérence
9. Venus Visage
Christophe Florian aka L.C.F. (COMEDIE MACABRE, ATOMSK) - Guitars, Vocals, programming
Alix Rousselet - Female Vocals, Violin
Marco De Barros - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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