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Vanishing Point - Embrace The Silence (CD)

Vanishing Point
Embrace The Silence
by Michael Dalakos at 25 May 2005, 3:56 PM

Melodic Power / Prog. A quite painful story if you ask me. The genre has seen in its highs but like it or not during the last couple of years it has also seen in its lows. The majority of the acts involved in the genre seem to be unable to overcome or even recreate the glories of the past. Most of them recycle yesterday's news in a clinical way managing only to sound as fresh as a new M.C. Hammer album (where's this guy anyway? I loved his trousers). Still there are a handful of bands stubbornly trying to prove me wrong. One of them is Vanishing Point. Their latest effort is a shinning beacon in the sea of copy / paste releases.
Vanishing Point comes from the land down under… eh, Australia that is (hehe). Have you noticed that the majority of the bands from this country are ass kicking? Anyway, so far they've released two outstanding albums (In Thought in 1997 and Tangled In Dream in 2000), they have managed to appear at the Wacken Open Air Festival and also be the supporting act for Gamma Ray's on 2001's World Tour. Generally they are considered to be a low profile act; I guess they just let their music do the talking.
I have to describe Embrace The Silence as a beautiful experience. This is an album full of positive emotions. I find it impossible to listen to the album without cracking a smile here and there. The band gave extra weight to melody (and not to 'speed', which is the common mistake bands of the genre do in repeat). The guitars unfold wonderful solos and harmonies, the keyboards are used in a smart (and not a pompous) way. Silvio Massaro's performance is outstanding: this guy manages to sound quite powerful, however his voice often brings in mind more AOR / Rock performers.
Songs like My Virtue or Embraced made my day. Especially Embraced has to be one of the best songs I have ever heard (not to mention that it would probably make most poser acts run for cover in shame). Once A Believer and Hollow blew me away. Finally a band with an opinion on how melodic Metal should sound like.
To be honest it's not up to if you like melodic Metal or not. If you like quality in music then there's no doubt: Embrace The Silence is an album for your taste.

4 Star Rating

My Virtue
If Only I
Live 2 Live
Season of Sundays
Once A Believer
Somebody Save Me
A Life Less
As I Reflect
Silvio Massaro - Vocals
Tommy Vucur - Guitar
Chris Porcianko - Guitar
Joe Del Mastro - Bass
Jack Lukic - Drums
Record Label: Dockyard 1


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