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Vanishing Point - In Thought (CD)

Vanishing Point
In Thought
by Michael Dalakos at 18 July 2006, 1:28 AM

This is a re-release of Australia's melodic Metal sensation, Vanishing Point's first album. I am not the biggest fan in the world when it comes to re-releases, especially when the first release came out only a couple years ago. I know that many bands who sign with bigger labels, as time passes by, try to give their earlier attempts a second chance (with a bigger promotion, distribution etc.). However most of the times it is not only a small label's fault the fact that their previous attempts failed to make an impact on the targeted audiences.
This is also the case Vanishing Point. The band has recently released the exceptional Embrace The Silence (read my review for that album here). Comparing these two albums, it is more than obvious that the band is light-years ahead. And I am not only talking about the production or the artwork (this one must have one of the worst artworks I have ever seen in my life). A bit more progressive then their latest attempt, In Thought can be generally described as a boring piece of work. Yeah, it has some good moments but to be honest with you I tried really hard not to press the next button on my CD player.
Some songs seem to lead nowhere and though (as I have already mentioned) it is more technical than Embrace…, it fails to deliver solid compositions - it just doesn't feel right (better not mention my opinion regarding the keyboard parts) and worst of all I think that not even the band was sure what exactly they were trying to play. And yes, even the production sucks big time.
In my opinion there's no point in purchasing this album - especially when the same band has already released far better pieces of work. If you are one of those lads trying to collect everything tagged as progressive then maybe you will find something in this one. The rest of you, stay away…

2 Star Rating

The Only One
Vanishing Point
Wind (instrumental)
In Company of Darkness
Dream Maker
Sunlit Windows
Forgotten Self
A Memory
Silvio Massaro - Vocals
Jack Lukic - Drums
Joe Del Mastro - Bass
Tom Vucur - Guitar
Chris Porcianko - Guitar
Record Label: Dockyard 1


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