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Vanishing Point - The Fourth Season (CD)

Vanishing Point
The Fourth Season
by Grigoris Chronis at 11 August 2007, 1:31 PM

VANISHING POINT deal a lot with melody in their Power/Progressive Metal offerings. This I knew from their The Thought primal days (1997). With The Fourth Season this interesting Aussie Metal quintet seem to further develop their affair with both melody and 'prog' playing. Even if not my particular cup of tea, The Fourth Season sees a winning recipe for even non-progressive-friendly ears. Letting aside the what's 'prog' anno 2007? philosophic question, VANISHING POINT proves to be a good company for (at least) this summer (hmmm…the remaining one..) and upcoming autumn (mainly).
The album I personally am most connected to is 2005's Embrace The Silence. Be it the good 'timing' or the CDs personal quality, this specific album seems to stand on top for the time being. In the middle of Euro Power Metal and Progressive Metal, this album saw a good success in summoning both e.g. SHADOW GALLERY and GAMMA RAY fans. Well, this year's release is on the same 'vibe'. Featuring an unexpected cover artwork, I tried to draw an in a priori conclusion from the 'tied eyes' black dressed violinist lady performing passion  in front of the autumn sea waves. Yeap, The Fourth Season carries on the 'melodic' tradition for VANISHING POINT, but I have the impression thing are a little bit more depressed/'dark' now…
I witnessed a 'cold' feeling (e.g. STRATOVARIUS, CONCEPTION) in some parts. In addition: double-bass drumming (but not only), ethereal keyboards (ROYAL HUNT may cross your mind), dual vocal lines at times (tons of melodic singing from Silvio Massaro) and a good amount of guitar leads all over the album. VANISHING POINT's music is harmonious; know I've said this a dozen of times already. Still, this is the trademark for their Metal musicianship. On the other hand, the time the want to be 'prog' in performance and tempos exchange, they have no difficulty in achieving the desired result.
The production could be more dynamic, right? Maybe that's why I'd replace 'atmosphere' with 'misery' at certain times. However, the keys' sound - a rather important instrument for VANISHING POINT - stands tender and sophisticated, while I'd not commend the same for e.g. the drums (cymbals, snare drum) in order fro a solid mark to be generated. VANISHING POINT, as long as they want to be favorable to the Euro Power Metal audience, need the above 'classics' of the genre. Not to forget: the duration of almost all the songs is average (4-5 minutes); hence, no exaggerating moments, in case you wonder.
If you are a SHADOW GALLERY fanatic, or - better - a SYMPHONY X devotee, this album is for you. If you like your 90s/00s Power Metal (the European way) 'enriched' with something more 'unexpected' for the ear, this album is for you too. If you like semi-melancholy floating in your stereo, then this album is also for you. Hmmm…too many potential buyers!

3 Star Rating

Tyranny Of Distance
Hope Among The Heartless
I Within I
Behind The Open Door
Ashen Sky
One Foot In Both Worlds
Wake Me
A Day Of Difference
Silvio Massaro - Vocals
Tommy Vucur - Guitars
Chris Porcianko - Guitars
Joe Del Mastro - Bass
Jack Lukic - Drums
Record Label: Dockyard 1


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