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Vanora - Momentum

by Sooraj Ram at 10 December 2017, 1:07 PM

If you are unaware with the fact that there are two different eras/styles that led to the origin of Progressive Metalcore. It started out with Hardcore/Mathcore bands like ION DISSONANCE, SHAI HULUD and PSYOPUS who started experimenting the chaotic sound with mellow and atmospheric essence so as to keep a perfect balance between melody and angst. As the genre mutated, it grew out of the scene with MESHUGGAH influenced sound with bands like AFTER THE BURIAL and VEIL OF MAYA contributing the most. Since then the genre is more MESHUGGAH influenced, replacing the complex and technical riffs with Djenty breakdown-centric sound. This year had a lot of such releases in which a few appealed my interest. Here's to find out whether the Norwegian band, VANORA would be a part of the few epic releases.

“Momentum” being the Debut Full Length album released this year is a blend of Progressive Metal and Metalcore, or "Progressive Metalcore". The album itself flaunts 8 tracks which portray intense melody and emotion. Starting out with “Mask”, it's clear that the album is one among the MESHUGGAH-inspired ones with a lot of Progressive/Atmospheric melodies within it.  Honestly, if anything is different in this album-it'll be the melody passages which in my opinion is well constructed with an effective use of synthesizers; as the album is concentrated more on chuggy breakdowns instead of technical riffs but at the same time some of the rarely found polyrhythmic Instrumentation and synthesizer works on this album (“Mask,” “Requiem” and “Laughing Windows” will surely appeal anyone. But as far as the riffs go, 5 out 10 people would enjoy it but the rest might get tired of the chugs. I know, it's Modern Metalcore style and most or, probably all of the bands that fall under this category play the similar style-but it's an artist's job to produce something different and at the same time appealing. By the time “Poles,” “Apart” and “Pariah” ceases all I can remember are that if the insanely addictive synthesisers, which really saved the quality of this album in my opinion.

I have mixed feeling about this album as I do love the Melodic/Polyrhythmic works but I strongly oppose the Djenty framework as it doesn't go well with the sweet and addictive synths. Even though the album did feature some solos I really hoped for more such solos, If only they had some more quality solos here and there I would have definitely put this album at my end of the year list. Altogether, an album worth listening for its melody, and I strongly believe that the band might come back stronger with their next release (hopefully with more synths).

Production: 8
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 8
Originality: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Mask
2. Stamina
3. Echo To The World
4. Requiem
5. Metronome
6. The Hand That Feeds
7. Laughing Windows
8. Poles Apart
9. Pariah
Konrad Sandvik - Vocals
Christopher Glommen - Guitars
André Sørensen - Guitars
Steffen Johansen - Bass
Elias Pellicer - Drums
Record Label: Crime Records


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