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Vansind – MXIII Award winner

by Will Travers at 16 April 2021, 12:13 AM

Who else can’t help but get excited and pumped up with some folk metal? It might be a bit cheesy, on par with Power Metal, but it is just delightfully enjoyable music that never fails to cheer me up. And what better than a three track EP “MXIII” from Danish musicians VANSIND. The artwork appears to be an etching image of warriors on a pair of boats, I’m guessing paying homage to their cultural history.

Opening is “Fra Fremmed Kyst” and I challenge you to tell me that this just doesn’t simply blow you off your seat. It’s probably the heaviest of their tracks on this EP, but that doesn’t stop it from having that delicate edge that just adds an unmeasurable amount of sheer fucking brilliance to the music. And I cannot get enough of VANSIND. “Den Farefulde Færd” comes next and straight away the silky acoustic guitars have captured me. But they are short lived before a meatier kick in and the music enters its full swing. The contrasting deep and intense growls from Joachim really work in a contrasting tandem with Line’s clean vocals to deliver a well rounded vocal track. The instrumentals are simply outstanding, I am in love with the structure and the overall effect of the music. It just sounds so ethereal, light and floaty whilst also being substantial and fulfilling, a truly difficult effect to achieve and I commend VANSIND for it.

Finally comes, “Gæstebudet” and it is, to me, a perfect demonstration of everything that is amazing about Folk Metal. The flow of the music, the actual melodies intertwining with one another and the supporting complimentary harmonies that just really round of the sound. There’s a multi layered tracking that allows for all of the musicians to play very independently but then when they are all pulled together what you get is this intense and intricate musical experience. I have to admit though, I really am a sucker for a good tin whistle track, if you want me to justify it then just go and listen to ELUVEITIE’s “Ategnatos” and the sheer goosebump inducing effect of the introduction, the same can be said for the whistle tracking in “Gæstebudet”, but it is just a small cog in the bigger VANSIND machine.

Overall, there isn’t much more than I can say other than all involved take a bow, you deserve it. And for you reader, get out there now and check VANSIND out, that’s not a request either. You NEED to hear this release.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. Fra Fremmed Kyst
2. Den Farefulde Færd
3. Gæstebudet
Joachim Asgaard – Vocals
Line Burglin - Vocals
Thor Hansen – Lead Guitar
Gustav Solberg – Acoustic Guitar
Morten Lau – Bass
Rikke Klint Johansen – Keyboard / Tin Whistle
Danni Jelsgaard – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 02 December 2022

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