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Vanta - Zero Kelvin

Zero Kelvin
by Laura Glover at 23 August 2021, 7:09 AM

Hungarian band, VANTA, released their six-track album. “Zero Kelvin”, on July 2, 2021. VANTA is known for mixing things up instrumentally, and the inclusion of the cello in the track, “Zero Kelvin”, is a good example of this; played by guest, Mark Rostetter. VANTA is a vast mix of genres, mixing lots of styles within rock and metal; to arrive at an altogether different sound. I would say, post-rock, grunge, melodic metal, with twinges of death metal. Dystopian, urban, and futuristic. This album is an in your face, revamping of 90’s post rock and grunge, rewritten to modern proportions; with, at times, a very unusual vocal style.

“Welcome to Absurdistan, Bitch” - An acoustic guitar entry, to much more scathing melodies. The light intro does not prepare you for the assault on your ears from vocals that draw your attention with their dystopian sound. Urban and cold, with fair measures of torture and angst. The acoustic guitar intervals are soothing amidst the pained chaos. “Church of the Holy Shit” - Futuristic vocals and rock guitar, this song reeks of 90’s grunge! As if I stepped back in time. Grunge notes on bass guitar stand out amidst distortion in various forms. The vocals are so reminiscent of some band in the past that I cannot recall at the moment. Possibly a combo between NIRVANA and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

FEEL ALIVE” - Slow and melodic, introspective musically. Tortured vocals exhibit pain, while cleaner vocals bring forth thoughtfulness. Meanwhile, the psychedelic piece on guitar at about the 3:55 mark pulls it all together neatly. “Zero Kelvin” - The cello in this song really adds a layer and depth to the sound as a whole. The musical parts of this song were extremely well written and put together. The clean vocals bring me back to 90’s-early 00’s rock vocal styles. In general, this song has sounds reminiscent of PRIMUS with the cello, and a vocal style that reminds me of Brent Smith of SHINEDOWN.

Zero Kelvin” by VANTA has been a wild ride of a review. I wasn’t sure what exactly to think when I first listened to it. But slowly the nuanced layers within the music started to present themselves. From snare drums, to a cello, this album keeps you on your toes with instruments. As well as vocals styles that never get stale or stagnate with one style alone. This is a very artistically produced album, an acquired taste almost. “Zero Kelvin” is definitely worth the time to listen, with so many intermingled styles, there is something for everyone.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production 8

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome to Absurdistan, Bitch
2. Church of the Holy Shit
3. Feel Alive
4. Invisible Parasite
5. Autumn
6. Zero Kelvin
Balaza Soptei – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, and Samples
Gyozo Mesterhazy – Drums


Zoltan Hegyaljai-Boros – Guitar (Feel Alive)
Kex – shouting (Church of the Holy Shit)
Gabor ‘Fire Kiss’ - Shouting (Church of the Holy Shit), Guitar (Invisible Parasite)
Mark Rostetter – cello (Zero Kelvin)
Gergely Soptei – Shouting (Church of the Holy Shit)
Marianna Sopteine Farkas – Sound Sample (Welcome to Absurdistan, Bitch)
Record Label: Independent


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