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Varathron - Untrodden Corridors Of Hades Award winner

Untrodden Corridors Of Hades
by Paulomaniaco at 02 November 2014, 11:29 AM

VARATHRON is a Black Metal band from Greece formed in 1988, it is a Greek word for Extremely Deep Gorge. These guys have been around for centuries and already have released four full length albums, lots of demos, EPs and splits. One is not surprised with the Greek Black Metal scene, the ancient country has produced tons of great bands and have a huge variation of themes to be inspired by. I think the mighty Greek Gods were always about the extreme and obscene.

"Untrodden Corridors Of Hades" is a very modern and  melodic Black Metal album and of course, has a huge dark atmosphere. The CD opens with "Kabalistic Invocation Of Salomon"; this song has a cool intro with holy voices in the background making you feel like you are in a church, but don’t be mistaken because it is actually Hell, my friend; grotesque and harsh vocals, the melody is incredibly good and it really gets into your soul. The bass is very clear and cool riffs too. Welcome to the "Realm Of Obscure" again of the same, amazing guitar work with lots of technique and the drums blasting away like a bulldozer out of control. VARATHRON is not like most of Black Metal bands, their style is unique, so much  melody and aggression at the same time, lovers of DISSECTION will die for this album.

"Arcane Conjuring" is heavy as fuck and Stefan’s vocals are out of this world, deep and wicked, lots of variation all over the place. "Leprocious Lord" follows the same path, slow, heavy and intense. "The Bright Trapezium" starts off very fast then slows down a little and then again fast, double kick all over, the fastest song on the CD and the atmosphere is dark as it should be, reminding  me of ROTTING CHRIST another great Greek band. "Death Chants" hear the call my friend, it comes screaming in the night and it is going to get you, fucking hell, what a great song! Satanic vocals and instrumentally is perfect, VARATHRON have managed to build a diabolic atmosphere more like a black ritual where all the weak souls must pay and be burned  on the cross, a black mass, black anthem calling the ancient ones. "Delve Into The Past" closes down the curtains with golden keys, fast pace, the guitars are just amazing, lots of variations, double kicks, ballads, and much blood spilled, an excellent album, most songs are very long and very good and you do not feel bored at all; on the contrary, it leaves you asking for more and more. The production is top notch and art cover fucking good!!!

VARATHRON have showed us what Greek is all about when it  comes to the extreme and dark music, Greece rules!! A master piece indeed!!!

5 Star Rating

1. Kabalistic invocation Of Solomon
2. Realm Of Obscure
3. Arcane Conjuring
4. Leprocious Lord
5. The Bright Trapezium
6. Death Chant
7. Delve Into The Past
Stefan Necroabyssious - Vocals
Achilleas C. - Guitars
Haris - Drums
Sotris - Guitars
Stratos Kountouras - Bass
Record Label: Agonia Records


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