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Vardan – Despicable Broken Hope

Despicable Broken Hope
by Yoav Weinberg at 08 June 2015, 9:42 PM

I really hate it when I can't find the lyrics for an album.

I can understand it when the album is not out yet but that is not the case. I generally don't understand why a band wouldn't add the lyrics when sending an album for reviews. This one "Despicable Broken Hope" is already out for a whole month and the lyrics are missing. Not only for me are they missing but entirely. No lyrics for this album on the internet. Nowhere. Well, ranting aside, I need to write about the album. I never heard about VARDAN but it turns out that this guy has been really busy. Having releases out every few months since 2013.

The music here is Depressive Black Metal. Slow and smeared. Lots and lots of delay on the vocals and the guitars, usually a good thing but a bit too much for me on this one. "Despicable Broken Hope" sounds too me too repetitive and too monotonous. Sometimes I find myself sinking in to the music but most of the time I am really not. If I could find the lyrics maybe I would get more into the atmosphere this guy aims for. Since there is no way to find the lyrics, I find it very difficult to listen to the whole album with these smeared vocals.  Perhaps, if I had smoked weed before, I would get this but I didn't smoke. And I just don’t get this. There is a nice part on the first track somewhere at 6:00 minutes into the song that persists for 9:34 (the longest on the album is 11:43 and I can't see why). If it were a part of a shorter song I might put it in my playlist.

Anyway, maybe I just don't get it. For me it doesn't work. The last track is pretty ok actually, if not for the smeared vocals. I liked the clean guitar part and the part after it. But the vocals are too much for me.

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Vardan - All Instruments
Record Label: Moribund Records


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