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Vardan - Hidden In A Tomb (CD)

Hidden In A Tomb
by Yiannis Doukas at 03 February 2008, 9:22 PM

This is an one-man band from Italy and if I'm correct the person behind (called himself as Vardan) is also in bands like ANWECH and LEADEN. All of these bands are into Black Metal and the Hidden In A Tomb CD walks the paths of DARKTHRONE's Under A Funeral Moon and the thousands of legions that have traveled it through all these times, for example MANIAC BUTCHER etc.
These recordings have been released in 2004 as a demo under the same name and Folter Records decided to unleash it as an official album, while it's planned for more two more albums to be released in the future. Now, in Black Metal we have hundreds of releases every year, can this one win our attention? The answer is probably negative although VARDAN (for the style of music they want to play) are persuasive. What doesn't work here can be focused in the following parts:
1. The vocals are very weak and 'buried' behind the music. Maybe the band wanted to be in that way, like voices from the graves or to be close to something a la INQUISITION, but the whole effect is disappointing although sometimes this gives a ghoul-ish air to the recording.
2. The majority of the riffology is a complete rip-off of DARKTHRONE, making me feel that a lot of people who'll listen it will be disappointed.
On the other hand, some things are nice like Eternal Vision or the slow parts of the second track, making me believe that if someone is lunatic with this specific period of Fenriz & Co. and doesn't get tiresome in listening constantly the same riffs VARDAN may give him what he needs. Red Circle has a nice introduction and after the 2'30'' minute Blinded By Nothing makes me feel I'm into a dark catacomb. The last one, To Lick The Dripping Pussy, (nice title, eh?) is a-nine minute song but the absence of inspired ideas makes it boring. One more positive is this nihilism and loneliness that their sound has, that may touch the souls of some people, including me. Do you need another Under A Funeral Moon? If yes, check them, I guarantee it is Black enough.

3 Star Rating

Eternal Vision
The Soul Burn Upon The Flames
Red Circle
Blinded By Nothing
To Lick The Dripping Pussy
Vardan - All Instruments
Record Label: Folter Records


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