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Varg - Guten Tag Award winner

Guten Tag
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 25 September 2012, 2:04 AM

I don't speak German nor I know how to read German, although I'm half German (the last name does strike strange) I rarely listen to music in other language then English. However after mistakenly coming across VARG’s new"Guten Tag" video on YouTube, I requested to review the band. My suggestion is go and watch the clip although it is a very Metal directed flick there is something with the band and the footage that might cause you to sit down and listen to the son. Hopefully until the end of the review we will figure this thing out. Only if you wandered VARG means Wolf in both Swedish and Norwegian, their style is Black / Death / Folk Metal or in some places it is referred to as Pagan Metal, although there are some American Death Metal influences evident in the album.

The album starts with an unneeded part named "Willkommen" like an intro to a story, I didn't understand what's the point of that but maybe it's the intro to something to come. From this point forward your are in for a blast, starting with maybe the best song in the album or even of the year (at least for me) "Guten Tag" a mix of American and European Death Metal with tons of power, just mixed up perfectly, speedy, commanding and most importantly catchy. The song is smooth, however the lyrics are telling a different story (thanks to Google translate) the song is a protest against humanity as it is. The third song, "Frei Wie Der Wind", is a classic Pagan / Folk Metal with a pinch of Death Metal at least in the last section off the song and does use all the rules of the genre. In overall it is a nice and again easy song. "Was Nicht Darf" begins with an AC/DC’s “Hell Bells" like intro however this is not an AC/DC song. Not at all, this is a more Death / Industrial Metal and a gothic section. "Blut Und Feuer" brings some change to the band style with a Power Metal opening that mutates into Death Metal and back again, yet again a highly appealing song.

"Angriff" would probably sound to most as a strange song. Yet, for me it was the best with a Southern type opening riff, very similar to "Riders In The Sky", great Folk Metal song with an amazing rhythm that would make you bang your head and ride into the sky. Honorable mentioning goes to "A Thousand Eyes", the only song that is in English that starts with native Indian chant follows with an great Death Metal song that have a great backing riff, the vocals sound great even better then the German sighing, again a song with lots of protest against humanity and favor the nature (as it should be), the native Indian chant that pops up in the song in many parts give the song an powerful ambient surrounding an even the short acoustic parts comes in the perfect moment. Wow I salute this band. Just so  you know, an honorable mention does not say that other songs are not good, on the contrary, all the songs are good aside from this number. On that note, try "Apokalypse" a mix up between PANTERA and Folk Metal that goes in the right path.

This album is one of the best I have heard up to date (in 2012). A mix of Death / American / Folk Metal spiced up with a hint of Power Metal in the right amount, also great production and superior drum sequences. I foresee that these guys  will have a great future and an amazing presence. All I can say is VARG Sie Sind Die Könige Von Metall.

5 Star Rating

1. Willkommen
2. Guten Tag
3. Frei wie der Wind
4. Was nicht darf
5. Blut und Feuer
6. Angriff
7. Horizont
8. A Thousand Eyes
9. Wieder mal verloren
10. Gedanke und Erinnerung
11. Leben
12. Anti
13. Apokalypse
Fenrier- Drums
Freki- Vocals, Guitar
Managarm- Bass, Backing Vocals
Hati- Guitars
Skalli - Guitars
Record Label: NoiseArt Records


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