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Varg – Wolfszeit II

Wolfszeit II
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 13 August 2019, 10:19 PM

Formed in 2005 in Germany, VARG has released six full length albums including their newest “Wolfszeit II”. The Melodic Blackened Death Metal band is comprised of three guitarists Freki who is also the vocalist, Garm and Morkai and drummer Fenrir. Their lyrical themes include everything from Norse Mythology to Fantasy and Paganism. One thing that I really do appreciate about this band is their firm stance against fascism.

The album begins with the track “Windzeit” which is an almost two-minute intro track. This intro track actually sets the mood for the album pretty well. The next track is “Wolfszeit” which right off the bat shows you exactly what this band is all about. It really is a wonderful mix of Melodic Blackened Death Metal. They blend it all together almost seamlessly. This song was a great beginning to a wonderful album. “Asatru” brings in more of a darker sound and quite a bit more Death to be honest. The track is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it.

“Skal” takes this album to a whole new level of metal. It is very intense, hard hitting and very energetic. This song really reminds me of a battle song that is quite frequently played with this type of metal. “Donareiche” is another song that’s full of energy and will make you want to get up and start a pit in your living room. This one may be one of my favorites on the album, but we still have quite a few more songs to go. “Schlachtgebet” is a short track with the sounds of waves and some people yelling. It also has someone talking but I’m not sure what they’re saying because I don’t speak German.

“Heldentot” is one of the more powerful songs that I have heard so far. I guarantee this song will be a fan favorite. It’s a truly epic song and is also one of the longer songs on the album which is awesome. “Blutdienst” is another that I think will be in my favorites. The vocals on this track are absolutely amazing. The band as a whole are really fantastic and I am really glad I got this album to review. I think one thing that stands out to me is how well put together this album is. The second to last song “Das Alte Feuer” kicks in and does not disappoint in the slightest. It’s another song that is truly epic and I highly recommend it to everyone that picks up the album.

“Weltenbrand” is the final song on the album. It’s pretty short but it is also the most melodic song which is awesome to have as the finale. This album is for everyone who loves Blackened Death. It’s a fast paced yet intricate album and has all the best parts of those genres. I recommend picking up this album as soon as you can!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Windzeit
2. Wolfszeit
3. Asatru
4. Skal
5. Donareiche
6. Schlachtgebet
7. Heldentot
8. Blutdienst
9. Das Alte Feuer
10. Weltenbrand
Fenrir – Drums
Freki – Guitars / Vocals
Garm – Guitars
Morkai – Guitars
Record Label: Napalm Records


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