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Varicella – Even Deader

Even Deader
by Brad Pfundheller at 06 November 2019, 11:31 PM

Industrial Metal/Rock band VARICELLA is here with their 24 track remix album titled “Even Deader” and it is a collection of reworked and remixed versions of songs from their debut album “Dead is Better“. Founding member Chris Bollinger started VARICELLA in 2008 but took a short hiatus in the years following because of constant lineup changes. In 2011, the band reformed with the help of Tim Chandler (who played bass on the debut EP) and in 2012, Chris Pasquarelli joined the band as their guitarist and bassist.

The album starts with “Obey (The Power of Violence – Cardinal Noire Remix)” and right away you can tell that this band has the roots of 80’s style Industrial with non-stop guitar chugging filled with distortion and the vocals are of the same era. “Obsessed with Flesh (Flesh Maggot – Malice Machine Remix)” is the second track and it begins with a sound sample and some EDM style rhythms that just seem to repeat. It’s an interesting song.  “Obey (AutomatoN Remix)” incorporates the Electronic style as well with more guitar chugs behind it and what I would say is RAMMSTEIN style vocals. At least that’s what it reminds me of. “Mindfucked (Decay Horizon Remix)” doesn’t see any metal or guitars until about a minute in when the vocals come in, then just sort of repeats itself.

“We Belong Dead (Ghastly Shadows Remix)” starts out very slow and has somewhat of a build up to it but I couldn’t really get into it. “All Hail (Substance N Remix)” has a lot of sound manipulation that it is almost overwhelming throughout the entire song that the instruments sound like they are all over the place. “Obey (Skin Contact Remix)” has similar qualities to the song mentioned before. So much going on that you can’t really hear what is going on. The final track on the album is “Mindfucked (Demise and Domination Remix)” and this song has a decent guitar riff in it that sort of makes you feel intrigued to listen to the rest of the track but in the end it is just basically another remix of the original song “Mindfucked”.

Overall, I understand what these guys were going for in terms of sound but the 24 track remix album “Even Deader” is just way too much in my opinion. Not because it’s not normally my style of Metal, but the tracks just seemed to blend together as one that they became really muddy sounding listening to them. There is just so much going on its hard to tell what instruments are playing, but with the right amount of production they could remaster these songs and they could sound decent. A lot of the tracks are just different versions of the same song.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 4
Memorability: 4
Production: 3

2 Star Rating

1. Obey (The Power of Violence – Cardinal Noire Remix)
2. Obsessed with Flesh (Flesh Maggot – Malice Machine Remix)
3. Mindfucked (Krebs Remix)
4. All Hail (No Names Remix)
5. Obey (AutomatoN Remix)
6. Beautiful Death (Trick Casket Remix)
7. Mindfucked (Insufferable Bitch – Dizzolve Remix)
8. The Sound of Four (Nerve War Remix)
9. Mindfucked (Decay Horizon Remix)
10. Obsessed with Flesh (Diverje Electro Remix)
11. Mindfucked (Cranial Penetration – Chmcl Str8jckt Remix)
12. We Belong Dead (Ghastly Shadows Remix)
13. All Hail (Punch Reverse Remix)
14. Mindfucked (Otto Kinzel Remix)
15. Obey (Iconoclast Messiah Remix)
16. All Hail (Substance N Remix)
17. Mindfucked (Eddie LaFlash – Decent News Remix)
18. Obey (Skin Contact Remix)
19. Mindfucked (Eating Spiders – Immaculate Eric Remix)
20. Beautiful Death (Terrance Pryor Remix)
21. Obey (Dead Lines Remix)
22. Obsessed with Flesh (Biohacker Remix)
23. We Belong Dead (Deathwish Mix – Worsaw Remix)
24. Mindfucked (Demise and Domination Remix)
Chris Bollinger – Vocals/Drum Programmer/Sound Manipulation
Chris Pasquarelli – Guitars/Bass
Record Label: Machine Man Records


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