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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Doomed Or Be Doomed - A French Tribute To Cathedral

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Doomed Or Be Doomed - A French Tribute To Cathedral
Doomed Or Be Doomed - A French Tribute To Cathedral
by Craig Rider at 07 September 2019, 10:41 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: VARIOUS ARTISTS; signed via Sleeping Church Records, hailing from French grounds - performing Doom Metal, on their debut compilation album entitled: "Doomed Or Be Doomed: A French Tribute To CATHEDRAL" (released August, 13th, 2019).

Since formation in 1989; CATHEDRAL storm the metal scene with their take on the Doom/Sludge Metal sub-genres, 3 decades later - Sleeping Church Records will re-interpret the quintet's 12 chosen tracks with 12 various French artists who sometimes re-invent them with their own quirky snappiness. Ranging at around 86:77; "Doomed Or Be Doomed - A French Tribute To Cathedral" arranges an intricately designed formula of distorted fuzziness, atmospheric deadliness & amplified adrenaline amalgamated with boistrously bouncy flamboyancy. PILLARS starts things off with their take on the song: "Mourning Of A New Day"; conveying blistering, high-pitched pipes & lungs of rawly rough rage from DJÉ "Blaspho who screams with vengefully vicious savagery – also contributing thunderously versatile rhythms with an audible bass injection from DISASTER & crushing drum battering from JJ…a solid start of infectiously doomy distinctions.

GOAT RIVER are up next with their interpretation of "Ebony Tears"; consisting of a borderline foundation of concrete gnarliness, thumpy stomps & a barraged frenzy of gritty manifestations that showcase organic substance with riveting aesthetics – creatively implementing diversely dynamic instrumentation into fiercely driven elements & crunchy finesse. Converging an inventive blend of grizzly stoner melodies; meticulous pummelling from Alex, Xtof; Matthieu, and Joey who rambunctious supply razor-sharp riffing with supercharged solos while pounding with hammering grooves…wondering with pulsating shrieks, raspy grunts & detailed fabrications of doomy domination. LUX INCARTA demonstrate their subtly robust ramification of relentlessly harmonious galloping in the next song: "Serpent Eve"; forging frantic chugs, and distinguished guitar shreds that roar with sinister pursuits of soaring stability. Duo Nasrollah "Bersërker" Hitmi & Arkham distribute sludgy variety; ultilizing vehement soundscapes with powerhouse hammering from Pheel Ti, frolicking bass haziness from David Blusseau & Agone (also on vocals) embellish on haunting yet daunting experimentations in which provide uniquely quintessential momentum.

MISANTHROPE advance into the fray with their rendition of "Soul Sacrifice"; as S.A.S De L'Argilière who provides primitively nimble remedies, progressively technical tempos of rocking rebellion while rapidly fuelled into a hastily hardened hymn of immersively energetic potency. Jean-Jacques Moréac on bass/synths portrays a persistent vibrancy of sonically seamless solidity; stampeding quakes & synthesized terror, transistioned with speedy guitar dexterity from Anthony Scemama – establishing devilish firepower & chaotic havoc that nails it with ruthless pandemonium. Gaël Féret also consistently excels with venomously swift meatiness, tenaciously striking with a monstrously punchline knack of malicious malevolence. PRESUMPTION enforce their presentation of the next track: "Equilibrium"; slowing the pace yet again as Moomoot on bass/lead vocals compile enchanting choir-esquire blasphemy, as Marvin & Adrien on guitar double it up with their signature doses of blackened beats & sulphurous jumpiness - while Anaël on drums constructively contrasts with malignant timings of mellifluous yet omnious orchestrations.

ATARAXIE persevere with their prestigious overarch's of weighty musicianship in the track: "Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain" juxtaposed
with euphonically guttural chords from Jonathan Théry, growling into an foreboding element and an assortment of dark embodiments of articulated captivation fusing moody tones with flutes & exuberent panache. The trio of rock guitar: Frédéric Patte-Brasseur, Julien Payan & Hugo Gaspar culminates a bludgioning formulaic of traditional styles & a satanic ritual that summons simplistic strums of ambient-laden doomness. It's a scorching 11:46s unleashing of hellish demonizing. BARABBAS starts off with marching drums from Saint John the Baptist in the next song: "La Cathédrale De La Sainte Rédemption (Ride)"; attributing a bunch of ceremonial heaviness as Saint Rodolphe sings with professionally polyphonic results, revolved with Saint Thomas' celestial bolts; Saint Stephen's devilish flicking, and Saint Jerome's fiendish felicity that salubriously subjugates remarkably splendid representations of killer artistry.

MONOLITHE exemplifies in on grizzly grandures with their take on the next song: "Enter The Worm(Hole)s"; with Rémi Brochard on vocals/guitar, the frontman shines on with mandatory silver linings of morbidly vigourous snarls that transforms into a callous collection of infernal Death/Doom Metal sophistication. Guitar duo Sylvain Bégot & Benoît Blin also briskly bundles beligerent fretwork that shreiks with pugnacious ghastliness; grasping an effective flow of variations with deep grunts to penetrating yells, while pulverized with rumbling bass from Olivier Defives; interesting keyboardist interlopes from Matthieu Marchand, and elegantly fulfilling drum delights from Thibault Faucher make this a brutally exquisite listen – so far, this is a long & at times a gruelling compilation but enduring it surprises you with endlessly intense boundaries that rewards you with an incredibly diverse flavour of fashionably tasteful sub-genres.

CONVICTION follow suite with the song: "Stained Glass Horizon"; as Olivier Verron on vocals/guitar/bass formulates his own version of psychedelic vocals, drony guitars & infrasonic bass buldging. Frédéric Patte-Brasseur on guitar/backing vocals
examines similar zeniths; while Vincent Buisson on bass/backing vocals vibrates with jarring jolts, and Rachid "Teepee" Trabelsi on drums grinds with volatile precision. NORTHWINDS are the most memorable for me; as Sylvain Auvé on drums/vocals done a great job of mimicking Ozzy Osbourne a little, "Voodoo Fire" is a catchy experience; as Thomas Bastide on guitar streams with frolicking exquisity, Thomas Boivin on bass pulsates with rowdy raunchiness & Emmanuel Peyraud on keyboards contaminates eardrums with sleazy relishments.

FATHER MERRIN constitutes for the next rendering of "Congregation Of Sorcerers"; A on vocals roars with throaty grunginess, while JB on guitars grooves with enticing efficaciousness. J on bass delivers surging throbs of menacingly thick nastiness, with S on drums harnessing chunky cracks of gloomy prominence. Overall concluding "Doomed Or Be Doomed: A French Tribute To Cathedral" with the finale song and band: DIONSIAQUE; with their marvellous performance on "This Body, Thy Tomb"; I am compelled to say that all bands certainly outdone themselves with this one, your value for money here is outstanding & for a 2CD tribute compilation – Sleeping Church Records created an enjoyably entertaining experience that should apease to all CATHEDRAL & not only just Doom Metal fans but Stoner/Death/Heavy Metal fans as well.

Bottom line - a brilliant discovery.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. PILLARS - Morning Of A New Day
2. GOAT RIVER - Ebony Tears
3. LUX INCERTA - Serpent Eve
4. MISANTHROPE - Soul Sacrifice
5. PRESUMPTION - Equilibrium
6. ATARAXIE - Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain
7. BARABBAS - La Cathédrale De La Sainte
Rédemption (Ride)
8. MONOLITHE - Enter The Worm(Hole)s
9. CONVICTION - Stained Glass Horizon
10. NORTHWINDS - Voodoo Fire
11. FATHER MERRIN - Congregation Of Sorcerers
12. DIONYSIAQUE - This Body, Thy Tomb
DJÉ "Blaspho" - Vocals & Larsen
DISASTER - Bass & Larsen
JJ - Drums

Alex - Bass/Drums
Xtof - Guitar/Bass
Matthieu - Guitars/Drums
Joel - Guitar/Drums

Arkham - Guitars
Agone - Vocals/Bass
David Blusseau - Bass
Pheel Ti - Drums
Nasrollah "Bersërker" Hitmi - Guitars

S.A.S De L'Argilière - Vocals
Jean-Jacques Moréac - Bass/Synths
Anthony Scemama - Guitars/Synths
Gaël Féret - Drums

Anaël - Drums
Adrien - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Marvin - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Moomoot - Bass/Lead Vocals

Jonathan Théry - Vocals/Bass
Frédéric Patte-Brasseur - Guitars
Julien Payan - Guitars
Hugo Gaspar - Guitars
Pierre Sénécal - Drums

Saint Rodolphe - The Voice of the Angels
Saint Thomas - The Celestial Harmonies
Saint Stephen - The Devil's Agreements
Saint Jerome - The Instincts
Saint John the Baptist - The Sabbath Drums

Rémi Brochard - Vocals/Guitar
Sylvain Bégot - Guitar
Benoît Blin - Guitar
Olivier Defives - Bass
Matthieu Marchand - Keyboards
Thibault Faucher - Drums

Olivier Verron - Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Frédéric Patte-Brasseur - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Vincent Buisson - Bass/Backing Vocals
Rachid "Teepee" Trabelsi - Drums/Backing Vocals

Sylvain Auvé - Drums/Vocals
Thomas Bastide - Guitar
Thomas Boivin - Bass
Emmanuel Peyraud - Keyboard

A - Vocals
JB - Guitars
J - Bass
S - Drums

LB -  Guitars
N.C - Vocals
G.P - Bass
A.D - Drums
R.M - Guitars
Record Label: Sleeping Church Records


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