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Various Artists - Thrashing Like A Maniac (CD)

Various Artists
Thrashing Like A Maniac
by Yiannis Doukas at 22 February 2008, 10:20 AM

We all know that a compilation in our days doesn't have the same meaning and importance as it had in older times, because Internet and MySpace can give you immediately a quick 'hear' of any band you want or you are curious for. But, in my opinion, this compilation has an 'existence' sense because it can give you a good view of what is going on with Thrash now, including very nice bands that play real Thrash and no nu-Metal or Hardcore/Mathcore or such things that most of companies try to promote as 'Thrash Metal'. So, let's begin with the bands' presentation:
First one is BONDED BY BLOOD, with their song Immortal Life, coming from California. Except for the EXODUS influences that their band name may show, this song has an ANNIHILATOR air inside with a refrain similar to King Of The Kill. The age of the members is below 20, their song was in their self-released EP Extinguish The Weak and it will be also included in their debut album Feed The Beast that will be released via Earache Records very soon. Very good band, with an enthusiasm in her music proclaiming mainly of their ages, making me having high hopes for their forthcoming debut.
Let's go to United Kingdom and to one of the best newcomers of the previous year. EVILE's music takes no prisoners with METALLICA, SLAYER and some SACRED REICH influences and with a killer sound made by Flemming Rasmussen. Killer solos like a drill in your brain, killer band; check now their album Enter The Grave. Look also for the review and interview in Metal Temple done by Greg Thrash Till Death.
MUNICIPAL WASTE is one of the highlights in this compilation. The band is just amazing, leading me to paroxysm thrashing overdoses wanting to destroy everything in my room. In 2007 their album The Art Of Partying made them win a lot of fans with Thrash riffs close to 'Metal' THE HAUNTED, SLAYER, SACRED REICH or even WEHRMACHT. For more information you can see also the review in our webzine. Thrash!!!
I don't have to tell anything about DEKAPITATOR; go buy their albums now or else just go fuck yourself. One of the best albums in the previous year, The Storm Before The Calm brings so much pain to my neck that I will remember it for the rest of my life. The informative booklet places them to Death or Black realms but all these are bullshit. DEKAPITATOR is a pure Thrashing killing machine with vocals 80% of Beccera and 20% Araya. Highly influenced by SLAYER, METALLICA, with terrifying good solos, sometimes screaming vocals, violent riffing and ultra headbanging. Both their albums are more than perfect with We Will Destroy…You Will Obey having a more aggressive sound while the last one is more technical, making me compare them with the discography of CYCLONE. Both of them are great, songs like Release The Dogs have written their own history. Some members were also in EXHUMED, a Death Metal band, and I hope we don't have to wait for another eight years hearing something new from them. Simply the best band in this compilation, and generally one of the best in the current scene.
The Thrash Metal furious annihilation offers FUELED BY FIRE from California, with a killer evil solo in their song driving me insane, which has been taken from their debut Spread The Fire. They have signed with Metal Blade Records now and I am very curious for their new album. Their style? Bay Area 'till death.
Let's go to Sweden for a female-fronted band named DECADENCE with a style somewhere between MEGADETH, DEATH in their refrain and vocals a-la ARCH ENEMY and HOLY MOSES. Not bad, they have a nice bridge in Corrosion but I cannot say I'm completely satisfied. They have released three albums for all those who may be interested.
WARBRINGER, on the other hand, fulfill my Metal lust/needs with an intro solo full of chaotic paranoia from the brain of Hanemann. Once again from California, Total War will be the first song of their forthcoming album War Without End via Century Media and I simply can't wait.
No, no California now but Liverpool with a band close to DRI and METALLICA, SSS are different from the other bands with a nice bass idea and mosh music. Overload is taken from the 2006 album Short Sharp Shock which I don't have heard to give more details but will surely keep in mind.
Beerz, ahhhhhhh!  What a band! GAMA BOMB formed in 2002 with a self-released album in 2005 (Survival Of The Fastest) and with some screams in the end of Zombi Brew I guarantee that you will bleed your necks. The band has humor and they love beer and zombies and this makes me like them more.
Give me graves, skeletons, grave robbers and all the cemeteries of the world. Evil Thrashing madness motherfuckers. MERCILESS DEATH from USA (not the older deathsters from Poland) will grave-violate your systems. It was two years before when a friend of mine (thanx Nick) introduced me to their sound and I became a fanatic. Amazing group, nocturnal Thrash hymns close to giants like HIRAX they will make you die from exhaustment. Exumer is an hymn having a stage-diving bridge, especially the part with the vocal notes  Evil in the night, victim try to fight, there is nowhere to run, killing all 'till he's done, with the solo afterwards making me insane. Thrash 'till death!!!!!!
Nottingham has unleashed many great bands in the past; now there is a new one, DEADFALL, with a SLAYER-lunacy riff in the Resistance Is Futile pure satisfaction of metallic needs. They have released three demos with this song being in the second one, Fatal Deterrent.
LAZARUS, from Wisconsin, are more melodic from the other bands here, but 'Thrash' enough and Last Breath is really a nice song taken from the self-released album The Onslaught, mastered by James Murphy. TOXIC HOLOCAUST is a band leaded by Joel Grind having released two albums with War Is Hell being in the first one, Evil Never Dies of 2003. Holocaust my friends, the part when he repeats the refrain is wonderful while the ending mid-tempo riff is perfect.
MUTANT are from London and Psycho Therapy is not a RAMONES cover but a dynamite with KREATOR-ish vocals while VIOLATOR's Atomic Nightmare has some SEPULTURA influences betraying their origin. Brutal playing, SLAYER riffing, they have released an album Chemical Assault which is highly recommended. There was also a Brazilian band with the same name into Death Metal but I think they don't exist anymore, so don't confuse them, these are much better. I desperately want to hear something new from them, my copy of Chemical Assault has been melted.
The compilation ends strangely with SEND MORE PARAMEDICS, that are a Thrashcore mix, probably more close to S.O.D. and bands like them. They have a horror lyrical approach with an analogue scene presentation but they decided to dis-band having released three albums with Twilight Of The Flies being in the The Awakening CD of 2006. Different but good.
As you can see, the majority of the bands here are from good to 'Thrashing holocaust' perfect and it's the best choice for someone who wants to learn what's going on with Thrash today. The Whiplash title fits perfect with the music here and what else, oh yes, THRASH TILL DEATH!!

4 Star Rating

BONDED BY BLOOD - Immortal Life
EVILE - Thrasher
MUNICIPAL WASTE - The Art Of Partying
DEKAPITATOR - Deathstrike Command
FUELED BY FIRE - Massive Execution
DECADENCE - Corrosion
SSS - Overload
GAMA BOMB - Zombi Brew
DEADFALL - Resistance Is Futile
LAZARUS - Last Breath
MUTANT - Psycho Therapy
VIOLATOR - Atomic Nightmare
SEND MORE PARAMEDICS - Twilight Of The Flies
Record Label: Earache


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