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Various Artists - Better Undead Than Alive 2

Various Artists
Better Undead Than Alive 2
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 07 March 2010, 12:03 PM

As the label claims, most of the label compilation released out there are boring and useless, since they only contain tracks from albums that are due to be released, old "best of" tracks, remastered versions of old tracks etc. Code666 decided to do something different in its own compilation and let's not forget that this is their way to celebrate their 1-th anniversary.

Code666 is an Italian label that specializes in Black Metal, as well as weirder versions of it like Avant Garde etc. The band participating in here wrote these songs exclusively for this compilation and EPHEL DUATH's Davide Tiso was the man to "compose" little tracks that connect the one song to the other. Let's see what we have in "Better Undead Than Alive 2".

MINETHORN, a Black Metal band with some slight Industrial touches presents "Icons Of The Cursed Earth", a track that is based on its monotonous cold riff and epic atmosphere.

THE AXIS OF PERDITION, one of the many British bands in this compilation is one more Black Metal band with Industrial touches that are more "audible" this time, that reminded m of acts like BLUT AUS NORD and ABORYM. Not bad, not bad at all…

DAMNED SPIRITS DANCE? A kind of cliche name, don't you agree? The Hungarian melodic Avant Garde Black Metal sextet delivers something like a hellish version of ARCTURUS. Clever composition with a really solid structure.

There are not many things to say about DIABOLICUM. The Swedish black metallers have been active since 1994 and it is one of those love or hate bands. With members from SETHERIAL, SHINING and MANES you know that you can expect nothing less than pure Black Metal chaotic madness!

VOID OF SILENCE is an Italian atmospheric Doom Metal trio, featuring members from bands that have been mentioned above (MINETHORN, THE AXIS OF PERDITION). "Instrumental Void" is exactly what its title describes. An atmospheric instrumental track with a really melancholic and "doomy" essence lurking around…

HERRSHAFT is a French Industrial act with this more "metalized" sound drawing influences from bands like THE KOVENANT etc. A band that probably appeals to both fans of Metal and dark electronic music.

One more French band here. THE OATH features DESTINITY's ex drummer Tyrael and is more into Black/Death Metal sounds. Hmmm, probably the most brutal band of this compilation.

THE PROPHECY… This band is the very first band that amazed me with its exceptional music in this compilation. The British quartet surely knows how to mix brutality with atmospheric parts and delivers something that reminded me of bands like MY DYING BRIDE, OPETH, RIVERSIDE. This Death Metal meets atmosphere meets PINK FLOYD is surely what fits them…

NEGURA BUNGET. What can I say about these Romanian beasts? They have managed to gain the respect of the underground and "upperground" Black Metal scene with their combination of extreme and progressive Black Metal tunes.

Last but not least, we have FEN, a pretty fresh band (formed in 2006) that has surprisingly managed to gain attention from many people with their debut EP "Ancient Sorrow" and their debut full-length work "The Malediction Fields" which came out last year. If you are looking for cold mid tempo Black Metal tunes mixed with Post Rock landscapes, then FEN is surely your band. Did I mention they are British, too?

So, since I am not here to judge the bands, I just want to take a close look at this compilation. Hmmm, Code666's people were right after all. It is surely a unique compilation with talented bands and songs that were written exclusively for this release. The fact that Davide Tiso has helped a lot with the "binding" of this compilation makes it even more beautiful. I guess that people who are into this sound should check it out. Let's not forget that this is probably the best way for someone to get to know Code666 and its bands. I believe I have said enough. No rating here. Let yourself decide…

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  1. Well (by Davide Tiso)
  2. Icons Of The Cursed Earth (by MINETHRON)
  3. Done! (by Davide Tiso)
  4. Chained In The Damnation Asylum (by THE AXIS OF PERDITION)
  5. We Have (by Davide Tiso)
  6. Abandoned Emptiness (by DAMNED SPIRITS DANCE)
  7. Been Good (by Davide Tiso)
  8. Salvation Through Vengeance (by DIABOLICUM)
  9. Instrumental Void (by VOID OF SILENCE)
  10. At (by Davide Tiso)
  11. Abyssal Wounds (by HERRSCHAFT)
  12. Holding On (by Davide Tiso)
  13. Abstract Emotion (by THE OATH)
  14. It Was (by Davide Tiso)
  15. Adrift (by THE PROPHECY)
  16. Worth (by Davide Tiso)
  17. Cumpana (by NEGURA BUNGET)
  18. It (by Davide Tiso)
  19. Twilight Descends (by FEN)
Record Label: Code666 Records


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