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Vasomortus – Instrument Torture Of Pyramid Award winner

Instrument Torture Of Pyramid
by Craig Thrasher Rider at 08 September 2015, 10:36 AM

VASOMORTUS, a brilliant Death Metal band from Indonesia, formed in 2008 (as SUICIDE SYNDROME until 2011) the band incorporate typical CANNIBAL CORPSE like brutality. Having only released 3 demos since then and until 2015, finally releasing a full album “Instrument Torture of Pyramid” and after listening to it a good few times each, I can safely say that this is a Death Metal record that deserves to be in the top 10 of 2015's Death Metal ranks.

VASOMORTUS are nothing short of brutal, and that is how Death Metal should always sound, no gimmickry, just straight up, in your face, smashing brutality. Springing to mind, it's as if a fusion of DEATH and CANNIBAL CORPSE collided.

Do I really need to mention the lyrical themes? As if the artwork (which is damn fine) didn't spill it out, Gore, Hate, Death, (obviously) and Torture. Definitely not for the faint of heart. The album is a decently 30 minute crusher, easily repeated however, just like SLAYER's “Reign In Blood” and DEPRIVED PLAGUE's “Systemic” but they are so good that a longer album might have been a bit pointless, but onto the CD.

Abbatoir With Plan Without Dribble Blood
Luckily after researching I thought it was weird that the album only had one worded titles. “Abbatoir” for example was the name on my version, but anyway, “Instrument Torture Of Pyramid” has very short songs, only a few, including this one. The albums begins with a crushing sound that all CANNIBAL CORPSE fans will instantly recognize, I sure did. Powerful riffs and explosive drums, “Wildan”, “Lambang” and “Soba” really earned their spot in Death Metal here.

Bestiality In Perfect Cleavage Inhuman
Anyone with a sense of humour knows that this title can not be taken seriously, but it's still a super fun and crushing track. Not much to really say with this one, as will be the same with much of the rest, but it's good to give them credit where due.

Condemned To Until Suffered
Is it just me or are the titles sounding a little out of context? They make sense, but just sounds a little off, anyway, another short one here, but a short “pounder” however, the brutality still continues, not much else to add.

Consume Disgusting Flesh From Slaughter Rest
See what I mean with the titles? They're just sounding more and more sillier, but that's the fun with Death Metal I guess - see CANNIBAL CORPSE - this one's got a little more jumpy, some groovy riffs here but not too much else to say. Except that amazing drumming at the end, bravo!

Human Slaughter At The End
Now the titles get better, I can have a clear head, a little. A fine riff can be heard in the middle of this one, which I just had to note. The drums again make a returning “oh yes!” my main attraction for the album so far, and the crushing vocals.

Mutilation In Casket
In casket? Whatever floats ya boat. Some well placed riffs and another drumming masterpiece.

Orgy Of Dismemberment Torture
Note worthy in this one is the similarly well constructed riffs and drums with added more upbeat vocals though if I were to make a short review on this one, the album just sounds very similar to the rest of it so not much else would be of note worthy honestly.

Suffering Retaliation Vile
Very similar to a couple previous tracks but some groovy pounds here.

Torture Of Pyramid
On to the title track and the end of the album. Implementing an introduction segment of a gory horror movie that probably would have sounded better if this was the first or second track of the album, but I guess the ending would suit too, over a minute worthy of that, carrying onto the similarity of the rest of the album. Still a fine Death Metal attempt but overly similar to each other, that's my only gripe.

To sum it all down simply, my overall reaction was that “Instrument Torture Of Pyramid” was simply overly similar to each other, which is not a bad thing, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album and it would sit in the realms of the Death Metal world perfectly, just that might be a problem for newcomers but it's perfect for those who don't care about that (me) and just appreciated a fine Death Metal thrasher.

The strange titles were a bit of an awkward feat too, some just sounded way out of context and didn't make much sense but it's the music that's of concern here, all Death Metal brethren will love this though, it's worth checking out a few times.

Check it out.

4 Star Rating

1. Abbatoir With Plan Without Dribble Blood
2. Bestiality In Perfect Cleavage Inhuman
3. Condemned To Until Suffered
4. Consume Disgusting Flesh From Slaughter Rest
5. Human Slaughter At The End
6. Mutilation In Casket
7. Orgy Of Dismemberment Torture
8. Suffering Retaliation Vile
9. Torture Of Pyramid
Wildan - Guitar
Lambang - Vocal
Soba – Drum
Record Label: Brute! Productions


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Edited 28 January 2023

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