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Vastator - Execute 'Em All

Execute 'Em All
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 08 November 2014, 8:54 PM

The German Metal band VASTATOR have produced a new album titled "Execute 'Em All", being released on Wohrt Records.

To me, the excessive distortion used throughout this album was beyond sludgy and I wasn't even able to gage the level of musicianship possessed by this band. The vocals sound like a combination of TOXIC HOLOCAUST, SODOM, and NIFELHEIM. The main difference being that those bands have better instrumentation backing up the harsh vocals and theirs do not sound like they're being sung through a sewer then recorded through a potato. This entire album is distorted noise with vague hints of guitar riffs and drums, if it can even be described as that.

I'm not sure what exactly I was listening to, but I was hoping for a lot better. This band call themselves Heavy/Thrash Metal, but I heard very little of either genre. The closest thing I could relate their sound to was the early age of Norwegian Black Metal when quality in recording and production took a backseat to the "trveness" of the evil in the music. The same thing happened here and when the listener hears this album, they'll be left scratching their heads wondering what exactly they've just heard.

Perhaps there's the possibility that this is a gimmick band that use their sound as a way to make jabs at the extremes sometimes found in the dark depths of underground music. But that's probably simply not the case.

Still, there will be those out there who think this album is good work by VASTATOR, and I'm not sure of the type of Metalhead who would follow this brand of music, but I feel this band has potential to record better music than growls over faint instruments that sound like it was all recorded underwater.

1 Star Rating

1. Execute 'Em All
2. Vastator
3. Return of the Sodomizer
4. Black Pentagram Deathlust
5. Werewolf (Der Fluch)
6. Arschloch (F4)
Sr. Díaz - Vocals
Ricardo Buquet - Guitars
Peyote Barrera - Bass
Gerardo Barrenechea - Battery/Percussion
Record Label: Wohrt Records


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