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Vathos - Underwater

by Laura Glover at 05 May 2020, 3:38 AM

Romanian based band, VATHOS, released "Underwater" on April 11, 2020. A feat that must have taken the passion and desire to get it done among the state of the world currently. With lockdowns and social distancing in play, releasing an album takes on a different flavor. Recording in one's house, thus, becoming a thing. In a time when the world seems tumultuous, it could not kill the passion and drive for music for many. VATHOS came together in 2017, to play and evolve through various styles. Such as, atmospheric, black, melodic, and death metal. Arriving to their current style. A style defined as rage with subtle melodic undertones.

“Ruins of Corrosion” - With its fast-paced beat and ever present rageful voice by vocalist, Radu, this is a multifaceted song full of sweet guitar. Melodic notes coupled with its counterpart, beauty and the beast. “The Suicide”- Soft upon entry, leading into those vengeful and emotional vocals. This song has stong drum work by Gigi, as well as artful accompaniment of bass by Dany. “Corrupted Mind” - A beat that makes you bob your head in time, A passionate beat, one felt with the heart. This is the best track on the album in my opinion. It has a progressive sound to it.  “Flower of Death” - Lusciously soft into, distorted guitar notes fill the air. Leading conscience thought astray, this is the psychedelic trip in your mind. Musical notes like waves to be ridden in timeless place. Then abruptly being brought out of your dreamlike state and punched in the face with brutal vocals.

VATHOS has a likeable sound, and the album has a beat that grows on you. With a mixture of style mashed-up to create their own interpretation of sound. Following two years of underground concerts to the recording of the album, "Underwater" in Studio148 in Bucharest. After all that it is no wonder they have their own flavor.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ruins of Corrosion
2. The Suicide
3. Curse of Apathy
4. Corrupted Mind
5. Shape of…
6. Hold My Breath
7. Sanctimonious Beliefs
8. Flower of Death
Radu - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
Ducu - Guitar
Dany - Bass
Gigi - Drums
Record Label: Loud Rage Music


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