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Vedonist - A Clockwork Chaos

A Clockwork Chaos
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 June 2013, 10:04 PM

Warsaw, an almost ancient battleground where many lost their lives while attacking, defending, trying to survive the chaos looming around, agonizing the population. That is a city where fear was once imminent and on the prowl for coming and going victims. But nowadays, unlike the greyness of the past, Warsaw is an enchanting and prosperous domain. Only the old wounds and memories remain, perpetrating their pain and misery in memoriam. Warsaw is also the origin of the band VEDONIST, a pack of Polish Metallers eager to keep the old reminiscence in a certain distance in order not to be forgotten, correcting the errors that might lead to an impending massacre, teaching a lesson to be learned well or else be vanquished off the face of the earth in the future. Abiding the arts of Thrash and Death Metal, VEDONIST maintained to perfect the origins, along with what seemed to be the influences of early masters as DEATH, VADER, SLAYER, SEPULTURA and HATESPHERE among many, for the creation of a modern type brutality mixed with presentations of technical skills and proficiencies. I assumed that is was, and still is, to be a blackened rose among the bloody thorns, an admirable wish, needless to say. “A Clockwork Chaos”, via Witching Hour Productions hails as the band’s third step into their local warzone, presenting a new vocalist along with a talented lead guitarist at the front centre.

Without listening to the band’s earlier discography, I had the feeling that “A Clockwork Chaos” has its fair share of differences from the earlier duo releases. I can’t really suggest that it is mature enough from the genre, as this mixture between Thrash and Death Metal has been changing quite a lot in the last decade or so. Before sinking in knee deep, I have to acknowledge two of the members up next. Although I am certain that the skins where triggered, Schröder, one of the band’s oldest members, turned out to be the band’s main core, an explosive drummer, energetic, smart, humongously talented and absolute. His high measure of skill is evident on all tracks. Domin, new on the lineup as the lead guitarist, deemed himself as a future potential figure, shredding with class, indicating his crafty licks and harmonic gestures that rapt me quite a lot.

Moving on, I believe that VEDONIST tried to implement another dimension to the music in order to prep it as more artistic. Though displaying an attitude that nothing less than straightforward, and without being the next in line wise guys, the VEDONIST compose a fine selection of ignited rhythms, charged with an unbelievable energy, fit to fight and robust as they go. Material wise, the overall work is major. The band tried really hard to expand their song arrangements, add a few progressed stanzas and neck breaking beats The sound engineering is top notch; find this modern blend right angle, a type of sound that is devastating the unpitying. “Visual Echo of Distress”, “Tunnel Rat” and “Delusional Parasitosis” accumulate the crew’s great taste in progression, making their fistful of energy to become similar even to the edges of the modern Djent style. I just wish that the vocals where a bit more assorted unlike the larger sum of performances made by the new frontman, Pachu. For one thing, and that is one of the band’s top elements that I really respected while listening, these songs weren’t catchy at all, just musically well-made and performed.

“A Clockwork Chaos” might have suffered from having monotonous riffing, constant reoccurring rhythms, and even being on the verge of proclaiming itself as soulless, and I wouldn’t even start about the vocals that weren’t that rewarding, but eventually the level of musicianship is near to be off the scale. I found pleasure in the band’s musical perceptions and these three songs I mentioned were the crown jewels. I urge you people to check out this Polish monstrosity, remember the past and the fallen, and help others learn from past mistakes.    

3 Star Rating

1. Visual Echo of Distress
2. Vulture of War
3. Little Boy Black
4. At the Feet of Christ
5. Tunnel Rat
6. Sentenced to Atavism
7. Nhac Do
8. Internal Bleeding
9. Delusional Parasitosis
Pachu - Vocals
Domin - Lead Guitar
Xan - Rhythm Guitar
Gerhalt - Bass
Schröder - Drums
Record Label: Witching Hour Productions


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