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Vehement Thrower – I Come in Peace

Vehement Thrower
I Come in Peace
by Liam Easley at 05 March 2020, 11:55 PM

Many argue that Death Metal was only ever good in the 1990s and that all of the bands that try to revive the sound are wasting their time. Others argue that modern Death Metal is the new age of the scene, and without it the genre would die out. No matter what side you take, old school Death Metal – as in from the 1990s – is stacked to the brim with powerful acts. However, VEHEMENT THROWER is one band from the real old school that will disappoint.

In 1993, Vehement Thrower released “I Come in Peace.” It was distributed on cassette only until Nuclear War Now! Productions made it possible to get the album on CD, vinyl and digital platforms just a mere 27 years later. The record had some very good moments, but don’t let its sudden resurgence fool you because all of its good moments were plagued with bad songwriting and extremely forgettable riffs.

The album started off shaky with “Who Is Not with Us Is Against Us,” but there were some cool moments in it. However, its two-and-a-half-minute runtime made it fly by. The short runtimes were what made this record bearable, so this was not a complaint.

If there was one thing that stayed consistent with each track on this record it was the sheer lack of direction. You could have given these riffs a map and they would not have found their way to the next riff before it stepped on them, abruptly ending its life and continuing on with its own senseless sound. It was the audible version of a dizzied giant meandering loudly through a forest, and the audio clip of said giant had no start, no finish and no story; it just lasted two to four minutes.

Annihilated by the Minus” was where the band introduced their biggest strength: numbers. Of all the directionless riffs on this record, a few stood out because the band took advantage of the fact that they had two guitarists. There were moments where melody and even atmosphere was created because of the chemistry between the two guitars. Each moment was brief, but it was enough to show that the band had some sort of potential before it disbanded.

Mother,” “Unwanted Child (Carried and Born to Die)” and the title track are all examples of Vehement Thrower creating something slightly interesting. However, if you aren’t some fiendish freak who has an automatic bias toward anything released in the 1990s, go listen to DEICIDE because they are basically Vehement Thrower with good songwriting, tasty riffs and an actual discography.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 4
Memorability: 3
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Different States of Consciousness
2. Who Is Not with Us Is Against Us
3. Annihilated by the Minus
4. A Priest or a Fascist
5. Unreality for Reality in My Eyes
6. Mother
7. Tiny Hare
8. Traitors of Your Dreams
9. Who Will Be the Victim
10. I Come in Peace
11. Unwanted Child (Carried and Born to Die)
12. V
Jacek “Jezus” Szastok – Drums
Grzegorz “Norman” Borowczyk – Guitars & Bass
Tom “Ziomal” Wideł – Vocals & Guitars
Record Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions


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