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Vehementor—Dungeons of Grotesque Symmetry

Dungeons of Grotesque Symmetry
by Gary Hernandez at 02 September 2019, 9:48 AM

VEHEMENTOR formed in 2013 in the unlikely town of Kievo in North Macedonia. I say “unlikely” as if I vacation there every summer. The truth is, Kievo might be the single most likely place for Death Metal bands ever. What do I know? At any rate, six years in the making, VEHEMENTOR recently released their debut album, “Dungeons of Grotesque Symmetry,” on Satanath Records. Not sure why it took six years to produce one album, but maybe it’s like good bourbon—it gets better the longer it soaks in the barrel. And this is, indeed, a good album.

“Dungeons of Grotesque Symmetry” is a considerably well honed piece of Death Metal. There is a heavy 90’s vibe to it, which adds some intrigue if not nostalgia. Nikola Pejoski is a versatile guitarist who easily fills the sonic space of both rhythm and lead. I know a lot of that is down to the production, so hats off to that crew as well. Zoran Stefanoski (drums) and Ljupco Stefanoski (bass) assert an aggressive pace while somehow maintaining a rhythmic groove. Darko Nasteski delivers guttural but articulate vocals that, although not remarkably distinctive, are befitting the genre.

I am not sure what the title of the album signifies, other than the obvious, but it triggers notions of a cold, dark locale of dubious intent. Whether that locale is the world and society writ large, or just a state of mind, is up to the listener. The undeniable driver, regardless of the lyrical theme you pick up, is hard hitting metal. While riffs come fast and furious, there are definite groove melodies throughout which make this album highly repeatable. You can listen to this album in any sequence; every song is a standalone attack.

Standout tracks are “Reaper,” “Lay Low Stay Down,” “Cursed Sensation,” and “Notorious.” In particular, “Notorious” is a complex tune with several intricate movements. Perhaps the slowest tune, it is also one of the most memorable. Other tracks such as “No Way” (a polite title for the actual chorus – hint, insert a one word intensifier between “no” and “way”), “Hate,” and “Burden” are sheer blasts of vehemence that are easily summed up by their titles. All together, “Dungeons of Grotesque Symmetry” is an outstanding debut album, though I do wish it was longer — a title track would have been killer. Like the album cover, VEHEMENTOR beckons you to a world of fire and raw energy. And they do not disappoint.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8


3 Star Rating

1. Reaper
2. Lay Low Stay Down
3. Notorious
4. Cursed Sensation
5. No Way
6. Hate
7. When Death Is Near
8. The Stronghold Is Yours
9. Burden 
Ljupco Stefanoski - Bass
Zoran Stefanoski - Drums
Nikola Pejoski - Guitars
Darko Nasteski - Vocals
Record Label: Satanath Records


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