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Vektor - Terminal Redux Award winner

Terminal Redux
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 05 July 2016, 2:59 PM

"Eureka! Eureka!" was the scream heard from Greek people from Siracuse when Archimedes found the solution for a problem, which gave birth to Archimedes' principle (go and study Physics for a better explanation of it). Well, I had to give the same shout here on my home as soon as the first musical accords and vocals from "Terminal Redux", from Pennsylvanian band VEKTOR. Yes, I have found a new precious gem! To be more precise with my words, the quartet plays what some could call Progressive Thrash Metal. But I wouldn't label their work in such way, because it's a different and new way into Thrash Metal, a whole new conception is born.

Imagine a band that can mix Jazz Rock influences with Thrash Metal. Yes, it could be a nice (but poor) way to speak, because their music is really technically worked, but it doesn't lack of aggressiveness. No, it's so aggressive that can smash your ears, but done with a melodic and technical insight that is far from anything we heard before. The best way I could speak to you is this: imagine bands as NOCTURNUS or PESTILENCE (from "Spheres" times) in a Thrash Metal form, using long songs (that do not bother us in any moment, due the technique and rhythmic changes) and a harsh and extreme shrieked vocal. Yes, you are getting near of what these madmen do. It's different, and new, and excellent! Byron Filson is the album's producer, and did the engineering, mixing and mastering. The result is something that really sounds aggressive and impacting, but with a very good level of sound clarity, so we can understand the band's musical work with no problems. And my dear nephews and nieces, for an album like this, this fits perfectly. I have to speak about the lyrics: they take advantage of a cultural insight to speak about technology and Sci-Fi themes, and I can swear that "Terminal Redux" is a lyrical album.

The whole album is excellent, and I really don't think that it's fair to point to one or another track as their best moments. But as my Editors in Chief and the Manager would rip my lungs out if I don't do it, I can say that "Charging the Void" (a violent and blunt song, with excellent rhythmic changes and a wonderful technical insight, showing great bass and guitar work), the overdose of weight and technical abuse of "Cygnus Terminal" (this guy on the drums is not human, not with such technique) and "Mountains Above the Sun" (this one with fine vocals and an excellent chorus), the explicit violence on "Pteropticon" (these guys uses some Death Metal influences on these riffs, but keeping the excellent technique), the hooking and destructive vocals and guitars on "Psychotropia" (filled with excellent tempo changes), the perfect mix between clean and soft moments with fine and introspective melodies on "Collapse" (where the technique is not in an extreme high level, and the listener can have an idea of how good the band is as a whole), and the long and extreme thrust called "Recharging the Void" (what extremely good musical refinement inside the violence they unleash, showing very good Jazz influences).

Maybe you have some time to deal with their musical technique and the complexity of the songs, but VEKTOR is one name that can defy and win those from North American Big4 or from the German Trio. Like HAMMERCULT and SUICIDAL ANGELS, VEKTOR stands for the new generation, preaching and keeping Thrash Metal alive, so hear "Terminal Redux" and blow your brains!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Charging the Void
2. Cygnus Terminal
3. LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)
4. Mountains above the Sun
5. Ultimate Artificer
6. Pteropticon
7. Psychotropia
8. Pillars of Sand
9. Collapse
10. Recharging the Void
David DiSanto - Vocals, guitars
Erik Nelson - Guitars
Frank Chin - Bass
Blake Anderson - Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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Edited 05 February 2023

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