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Vektor Black Future

Black Future
by Josh West at 10 March 2010, 11:03 AM

How do you like your Metal? Do you like it intense, powerful and full to bursting point with mind splitting riffs? Well, VEKTOR my friends is here and they have produced the stand out technical Thrash album of the decade. Hailing from the United States, VEKTOR unleashed the debut "Black Future" upon the world in late 2009. Eight tracks of pure insanity, sounding like a cross between the intensity and fury of Thrash and the epicenes, scale and technical ability found in prog.

Put it simply enough - this is like nothing you have ever heard before. The title track is a wonderful introduction into what this band is about; from the moment you hit go, the sound explodes forward with all the power and fury of a nuclear blast. If that didn't knock you off your feat however, then that is down to the epic 10-minute track "Forests Of Legends"; it opens with a beautiful melodic guitar solo before detonating into a monster of a song. It is riff after brilliant riff. By the time you reach the middle of the song you will have a look of pure amazement stuck across your face, at no point does VEKTOR throw any half-assed filler into the songs, everything has been perfected to an almost masterful position. "Forests Of Legends" manages to move you through sorrow, excitement, anger and as it draws to a close a mystical sense of wonder, they really make you feel like you are travelling with them and this is what VEKTOR's greatest strength could be.

The songwriting and structure is brilliant. I am not one to usually gush over a band but VEKTOR have quite honestly pulled out an outstanding debut album. The vocals from David Disanto are the only thing that might not sit well with some listeners, he takes an "inward singing" approach, if you imagine a black hole sucking everything into the abyss it creates, that is what these vocals feel like - they are intense and sinister sounding and fit around the epic shred riffs and arrangements the band have put together, some listeners may be turned off by this style of vocal but to be honest it becomes almost an after thought when you consider how brilliant the music sounds.

As you can properly tell by now, VEKTOR's "Black Future" is one of my recent highlights for the underground Metal scene. They have made a technical Thrash album that provides in every area and sounds masterful in its creation - if you are a fan of anything Thrash get this album right now. If you are a fan of sinister sounding music that isn't just a generic jaunt through speed then you will be amazed at the diversity, intriguing riffs and outstanding accumulation of talent that has come together to create this album. Watch out for VEKTOR in 2010, they are going to be massive.

4 Star Rating

  1. Oblivion
  2. Destroying The Cosmos
  3. Forest Of Legend
  4. Hunger For Violence
  5. Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  6. Asteroid
  7. Dark Nebula
  8. Accelerating Universe
David DiStano - Vocals/Guitars
Eric Nelson - Guitars
Blake Anderson - Drums
Frank Chin - Bass
Record Label: Heavy Artillery Records


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