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Velvet Insane - Velvet Insane Award winner

Velvet Insane
Velvet Insane
by Christopher Thackston at 19 February 2019, 12:10 PM

VEVLVET INSANE are a Swedish foursome that started under the moniker PURE FAITH. They cite a variety of music as inspiration, such as blues artists like MUDDY WATERS to glam artists T-REX. INXS, RIVAL SONS, VAN MORRISON and more have also a heavy influence and it shows throughout the entire album. The chemistry between Jonas and Jesper are like two brothers fighting their way in life. They plan to continue making music with a new album due to start recording soon with a tour to follow.

As the first track, "Break Out of Eden," kicks into groovy bass riffs, the guitars pull you in further. The drums make you want to swing your hips and dance the night away. Jonas’s vocals stir the melodies with uncanny familiarity of Joe Strummer with a dash of Morrison. It gives off an aura of the 70’s that just will not let you go. The lead single, "High on Love," is a bouncy song, that keeps a flavor of early 80’s. The poppy riffs flow like a parade of balloons in the sky. The vocals are reminiscent of a young Bono, and keep you drawn to the music laying beneath. The song is a must listen.

My favorite song from the album is "Coffee, Jazz, and Arts". The entire song reminds me of Bob Dylan. From beginning to end, I wait to hear this raspy voice, but what I get is a tender voice singing from the heart. The soft acoustics are sewn together by violins and soft beats from the drums. The song provides an ambiance of a couples first dance. It is simply beautiful. "Six Steps Away" is the final song of the album. The slow intro guides me into another voice. Robert Plant comes to mind. Jonas brings his emotions to full tilt. The guitars hauntingly give another impressive performance. The drums are the beating heart of this ballad. When the band blends it all together, it has a certain caress that is hard to even explain. I had to listen to it twice.

"Help Me" seems to remind me of Jimi Hendrix’s "Foxy Lady". You can almost see Jimi playing this song. The guitar wails, along with that funky plucking of the bass strike with the drums on every beat. The guitar solo, although short, is sweet. I could almost see Mr. Hendrix thumping this one out at Woodstock. "Lincoln Road" reminds me a lot of Tom Petty. The harmonica leads you into another soft ballad. The guitars and drums still play well together, just like every other song. Jonas’s voice is so very good here. His range is shown throughout, and harmonizes beautifully with the backing vocals. This one is definitely on the play list!

VELVET INSANE are an amazing talent. The Swedish guys, known more for their ice and snow, have a strong chemistry with each other. The proof is in each and every song on this album. Every song seems to meld into the next as if telling their story, and each keeps you listening intently. Jonas channels his heroes truthfully throughout. The band broadcast their own talents within the harmonies of every song. With the right push, these guys could go far.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. Break Out of Eden
2. High on Love
3. Help Me
4. Coffee, Jazz and Arts
5. My Way of Life is You
6. Nottingman
7. Lincoln Road
8. Infinity
9. King of the Foolish
10.  Six Steps Away
Jonas Eriksson – Vocals
Jesper Lindgren – Guitar, Harmonica
Niklas Henriksson – Bass, Vocals
Tobias Reimbertsson – Drums
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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Edited 20 May 2019

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