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Velvet Six - Demons Los Divas

Velvet Six
Demons Los Divas
by MarcusTheRocker at 10 May 2015, 2:57 PM

A dark and stormy night; these are the words you often hear a lot in fictional novels that depict a dark mysterious story, but what if say a band started out their bio with those very words? The answer is Gothic Rock and that is a genre I have probably heard before but I get so many different albums to review, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what, but even if I haven’t heard it before, todays promo review will be the opportunity to do just that, so without further ado, it’s time to delve into the minds of VELVET SIX and their new album “Demons Los Divas”.

Hailing from Kokkola in Finland, this six piece Finnish band were originally known as HOLLOW but changed it to their current name shortly afterwards, and in 2011, their debut CD was released to the world and now 4 years later in 2015, the second offering is available for us to hear and I am here to do just that, to see if Gothic Rock is a genre that can be enjoyable, despite the dark and moody concepts and themes you would otherwise associate with the genre name or not.

Clocking in at around 42 minutes across 10 tracks, “Demons Los Divas” is VELVET SIX’s second offering after their successful debut “Dark City Nightlife” and upon first listens of this new album, I can certainly say that, despite the otherwise ominous name of the genre they specialize in, the resulting music they produce is very surprising as it has plenty of enjoyable moments.

Some of these moments include the melodies found in the band’s songwriting, which are quite good for an album of this type, including the heavy guitars and the keyboard arrangements that seem to compliment the other elements, such as the bass, the drums, and of course, the vocals rather well and the end result is some surprisingly enjoyable music with tunes such as “Twist”, the title track “Demons Los Divas”, “Loves Like”, “The Family” and “Underneath”.

Anything iffy that I’m unsure about? Apart from a few screamo lines on a couple of songs which is thankfully very rare and infrequent, a couple of hit and miss moments from the vocals, as well as a song or two which may otherwise sound a bit weird, such as “Something Evil”, there really aren’t that many negative idioms that I can chuck towards this album as it has more plus points then low points which is a good thing.

Bottom line, for an album/band labeled under the Gothic Rock genre, VELVET SIX are an act who know how to produce good music and their new album “Demons Los Divas” is a good example of that and slowly but surely, Finland is becoming my second favorite country for Rock and Metal music, alongside the first place country which is of course Sweden and I would recommend this album if this type of music is to your liking as I for one certainly enjoyed it and you know, you should too.

4 Star Rating

1. Twist
2. Demons Los Divas
3. Something Evil
4. Back to Back
5. Lightkeeper
6. Loves Like
7. Underneath
8. The Family
9. Blood Rain
10. I Saw
Olle Wallenius - Vocals
Richard Vikman - Guitar
Christoffer Solborg - Guitar
Matias Muotio - Bass
Henrik Bjorkgard - Drums
Miro Kronqvist - Keyboards
Record Label: Inverse Records


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