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Vendetta - Brain Damage (Reissue)

Brain Damage (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 June 2017, 12:05 PM

Surely the guys of VENDETTA didn’t waste any valuable time. Supporting the debut and writing a new album in less than a year, well that is something. Truth be told, it wasn’t the first phenomenon in the 80s, that kind of rush of a widespread nature. Therefore, originally in 1988, the sophomore “Brain Damage” was out in the open in October, also via Noise Records. Prior to the album’s release, VENDETTA had the time to join in for a small venture with the rising force from the UK, SABBAT, for a split. If you happened to check the debut release, you might find that the bonus track is a live version of the sophomore’s title, a pretty darn good idea of the menace that is about to strike upon your face in the studio version. So what really changed in such a short time? I am sure that it crossed your minds one way or another. Let’s find out shall we?

I think that with “Brain Damage” the band became slightly bolder than the before. It would be a bit ambitious to say experimental, yet they went on becoming more technical, trying to find additional angles within their Thrash Metal export. IRON MAIDEN driven riffery and melodies took on much substantial shapes within the music, as VENDETTA maintained their rhythm guitar bashing with a somewhat polished sound in comparison to the debut. In addition, I found various similar elements of once again ARTILLERY of the era and also the emerging technical Speed / Thrash Vickers from the USA, HADES. “Brain Damage” might sound a bit adventurous between the lines, yet it keeps the hard to the core German Thrash Metal imagery that is punishing and unforgiving. It is hard to say that “Brain Damage” was too soon to be released, as it turned to be quite an impressive album, but who knows? Maybe another year could have made it gold?

Sporting the generally recognized progression in their songwriting, “Precious Existence” takes it with a full swing. Such heterogeneous track that appears to be almost everywhere, as running around shapeshifting or trading personalities. No doubt a pure technical Thrash Metal classic that should be reckoned. “War” destroyed with its massive aggression, displaying a C part that sounded so addictive. Too bad that the same magic wasn’t showcased live, yet that version didn’t ruin the song’s fortune. I really enjoyed the IRON MAIDEN influence on it, taking it to the next level. Presenting a rather lengthy instrumental, “Fade to Insanity” came along to play. This is a show of the band’s creative musical abilities and well reserved playing style. Hitting it with the bass turning the tide towards classical music right before jumping into the pit, molesting with pure Thrash Metal insolence. “Brain Damage”, which sounded almost equal to the live version presented as bonus on the debut album, is your typical gang Thrash Metal intake of the late 80s, but with a rather cunning musical traits.

Eventually the band’s future looked a bit grim, disbanding in 1990, leaving a legacy of two iconic albums that should have deserved a much needed attention. VENDETTA’s comeback in 2002 has yet to preserve their old charm, but there is still time. I hope.


4 Star Rating

1. War
2. Brain Damage
3. Conversation
4. Precious Existence
5. Never Die
6. Love Song
7. Fade to Insanity
8. Dominance of Violence
9. Metal Law
10. War (Live)
Michael “Micky” Wehner - Lead Guitars / Vocals
Achim “Daxx” Hömerlein - Guitars / Vocals
Klaus "Heiner" Ullrich - Bass
Andreas "Samson" Samonil - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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