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Vendetta – Feed the Extermination

Feed the Extermination
by Phillip Lawless at 09 February 2012, 10:27 AM

Man, another week, another German Thrash album that I just can’t get into. Based on the last couple of German albums I’ve heard, I’m starting to think the Thrash revival is deader than a door nail. It’s great that classic bands of the genre in Europe and the U.S. are finding larger audiences, and the scene is once again trying to expand. But, from what I’m seeing, we’re really starting to scrape the bottom of the Thrash barrel.

VENDETTA is a recently-reunited four-piece that released their newest album “Feed the Extermination” late in 2011. The album is made up of 10 tracks, and they feature interesting and intriguing song titles such as “Tremendous Brutality”, “Ovulation Bitch”,“Storage of Anger”,“De-Organ-Izer”, and, oddly enough, “Trust in God”. Most of the songs are four to five minutes long, and they typically fall into the traditional Thrash framework. You know the drill – insert riff here, scream some profanity there … wash, rinse and repeat.

Generic and formulaic song writing is basically what a listener can expect from “Feed the Extermination”.It’s paint-by-numbers Thrash with terrible lyrics and merely passable vocals. The drumming is almost decent, and there were occasional riffs that didn’t immediately offend me. Still, when contemplating how much I didn’t like this album, there’s only one solution I thought of that might make it more bearable. My opinion could be changed if I had four or five good German beers to drink while listening. Any German beer suggestions from our European contingent?

While tasty German beer may be a long-term solution here, I’m sober as the pope when I’m writing this. So, I can’t recommend this album to any but the most dedicated and determined German Thrash fans. 

1 Star Rating

1. Feed the Extermination
2. Tremendous Brutality
3. Cancer
4. Ovulation Bitch
5. Storage of Anger
6. Dog in the Manger
7. De-Organ-Izer
8. Abuse
9. Trust in God
10. Til I’m Dead
Frank Scholch – guitar
Klaus “Heiner” Ullrich – bass/guitar
Thomas “Lubber” Kramer – drums
Mario Vogel – noise
Record Label: Massacre Records


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