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Vendetta - Go And Live ... Stay And Die (Reissue) Award winner

Go And Live ... Stay And Die (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 June 2017, 3:02 PM

I am coming to you with what is probably a cliché opening, I hope you don’t mind. Germany’s Thrash Metal has never been the sole temple of juggernauts as KREATOR / DESTRUCTION / SODOM / TANKARD. That’s it, I said it. Going forward. There are people that have been characterizing the other Teutonic Thrash bands, dated from the early to mid-80s, as the second tier. However, I am fairly convinced that a large portion of these bands are to be considered as underrated, and there is a good chance that other folks think the same. Once a part of the legendary label Noise Records, hail the Bavarian maniacal Metallers of the band VENDETTA. Forged in the early 80s and gained their status in the late 80s, they became quite a force in their scene and in Europe, even without making it to the first team. Massacre Records reissued the band’s first two albums, a few years before their breakup in 1990. Actually two albums that have been considered as pure Thrash Metal classics I will be starting with the debut, originally unleashed back in 1987, “Go And Live … Stay And Die”.

Joining the likes of their local comrades and neighbors of the same era as DEATHROW / GRINDER / PARADOX / DARKNESS / ASSASSIN / CORONER / ARTILLERY, the growing monstrosity of VENDETTA took their ferocious Metal export and pushed it to the limits. The concoction of American oriented Thrash Metal, mainly a METALLICA vibe, a nasty wave of Punk, an explosive taste of aggressive speed, cohered with early KREATOR, and textured musical complexity, ended up as thing of beauty. The songwriting didn’t bring to the table the high flying choruses of the 80s, which also could be noticed on some of the major hits of the bigger Thrash bands, yet VENDETTA’s utter decisiveness and technical merits escalated the basic forms of the genre and overthrew the marketable elements. You might recognize it as a sort of an out of the box feel, the making of a challenging spirit that storms through the ears.

Starting for the last on the list, and I never do the entire list, nor will I start now. The Massacre reissue version offers a live version of the then “soon to become” the title of the sophomore album, “Brain Damage”. I tried checking where it was recorded live but never got to the information, yet it doesn’t matter really. This is a show of a well-made execution of a destructive song, really enjoyed it. As for the album’s finest, here we go. “On the Road” sped through the highway with a Punkish attitude, putting things in full throttle for the moshpit for those we got lost within the complex nature of the lengthier tracks. “Go and Live … Stay and Die” and “Traitor's Fate” obliterated with their assorted and sheer aggressive nature, killing with a fine line of creative riffs and a genuine approach in comparison to their some of their American Bay Area counterparts that kept their close proximity to NWOBHM. “Revolution Command” had me thinking about KREATOR of the same era, displaying a slight melodic delivery along with the grand opening that soon became a charging catastrophe, in a good way of course. Lastly there is “And the Brave Man Fails”, which in my view was too short, a great track that in a way shows off the entire package of musical intellect that the band offered through the entire release.

VENDETTA, along with others that cross paths in the 80s, proved that Thrash Metal is far more intelligent that what it really showed. It is not merely music for the pit, but also something that will rattle your head. This is a highly recommended Thrash Metal classic; don’t miss it as it is still relevant even nowadays.


4 Star Rating

1. Suicidal Lunacy
2. Go and Live … Stay and Die
3. Traitor's Fate
4. System of Death
5. Drugs and Corruption
6. Revolution Command
7. On the Road
8. And the Brave Man Fails
9. Brain Damage (Live)
Michael “Micky” Wehner - Lead Guitars / Vocals
Achim “Daxx” Hömerlein - Guitars / Vocals
Klaus "Heiner" Ullrich - Bass
Andreas "Samson" Samonil - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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Edited 27 March 2023

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