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Venereal Baptism – Repugnant Coronation of the Beast

Venereal Baptism
Repugnant Coronation of the Beast
by Jorge Zamudio at 10 October 2019, 3:08 PM

From Texas, a State that for me has always has been synonymous of all things not Metal, comes a Metal band with a very impressive effort. This is pure Black Metal, black as hell, with no remorse, regrets nor mercy from the start to the end. Satanic songs, blasphemous rhythms, and well, no innovative techniques either. I can't say this is a bad band, there's just nothing innovative here. It's just like all the other bands that claim to have originated in Hell. It’s the same demonly discharge you will find in any other standard Black Metal band, and of course I like it, but I have to be upfront about what it is.

“To Castrate Angelic Grace” begins with shotguns, on a priest, and well, that's fine. I'm sure he had it coming. It's both something different, but also kind of expected. This is of course followed by the blasts from the drums, guitars and the bass. It's a consistent song, very blasphemous and raw, with massive riffs, massive vocals, but still overall, a standard Black Metal song. “Uncleansed in Celestial Mortification” came out with a solo-riff;  it's a little haunting, but not really all that much. I think the thing to highlight here are the vocals. You see, here is something bordering on innovative just because they're a little understandable. So yeah,  that probably makes for something different all things considered.

“Blasphemous Sarin Execrations” has a spoken intro, raw guitars, raw vocals, and consistent basslines. Look, I know my descriptions are probably starting to sound repetitive, but it’s a repetitive album. The tempos don't really change all that much, and as a result, my descriptions are like the songs. So what can I say that I haven't said before?, It’s a little frustrating sometimes, but it’s exactly how I feel about this album (it’s the best song, although). Here's the thing, along with the repetitive structure, there does comes a good point that I must emphasize. They have one a heck of a production. You can hear all the instruments, loud,   clean (I know) and clear. That's what I like about bands like this. You don't have to have a shitty sound to be aggressive and raw. In this case, evil has a good taste when it comes to sound.

If you take the time to check this one out I think you'll probably like it.  After all, it is a good album. It offers some pretty good moments, even if it's cliché. As such, enjoy it, as much as you can.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 10

3 Star Rating

1. To Castrate Angelic Grace
2. Venereal Fucking Whore
3. Uncleansed in Celestial Mortification
4. Repugnant Coronation of the Beast
5. Blasphemous Sarin Execrations
6. Unfuckable Pacifist Gutterslut
7. Abhorrent Cesspool of Lesser Human Vessels
8. Pestiferous Pious Deflorations
9. Born of Lascivious Degradation
10. Aborted at the Foulest Pit of Hell
Adversor - Guitars
Fermentor – Vocals
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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