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Veneror - Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte

Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte
by Nick Green at 08 August 2013, 10:21 AM

Formed back in 2008, VENEROR first released a demo entitled "Nightwandering" which was heavily lenient on the cult of Benandanti. It is a cult to the North East of Italy, bewitched and are thus condemned by the Holy Inquisition.

After a while of research into Black Magic, Satanism and Witchcraft, VENEOR emerged with their newest and darkest recording to date, now released on CD/LP/MC. "Impervio" opens up the album well, a two-minute opening of marching drums and symphonic-heavy orchestra. From there on the album settles into a mixture of styles. VENEROR often get coined as Symphonic Death Metal and it's true that they do indeed rely heavily on the blast beats that you see in all traditional Death Metal, but they also use styles of Thrash and, even rarely so, use some groove in the album as well.

The music itself is very dramatic in that it has a lot of layers to it, relying heavily on their symphonic roots. Whilst all the while there is potential here I feel that now with an official release under their belts, VENEROR will now grow into a massive band. From this there are a few select tracks that I listened to several times "De Arcana Reptilia" being one of them, the fifth track of the album, as well as "Et Taurum Draco" that ends the album brilliantly.

This album isn't exactly groundbreaking but it does show a lot of promise from this young band, who have managed to make an album that's accessible as well as listenable with enough kick in there for me. 

2 Star Rating

1. Impervio
2. The Wings of the Daimon Sethos
3. Conclaves of Blest Carnality
4. Witchblood Arcane Sodality
5. De Arcana Reptilia
6. Curse of the Antisacral
7. Alogos Azothos Achronos
8. Et Taurum Draco
Gab - Vocals
Tot - All Instruments
Record Label: New Era Productions


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