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Vengeance - Piece Of Cake

Piece Of Cake
by YngwieViking at 12 November 2013, 1:00 AM

The whole career path of VENGEANCE never been exactly a piece of cake, with 30 years of activity, it was more like a rocky road with many twist and turn, a lot of turmoil and an impressive turnover of members, but VENGEANCE certainly possess an indefectible spirit that helps it to never give up, it’s a well-known fact that a vengeful mind never quits its goal. After their come back in 2006, an a bunch of variables albums of unequal quality released since then, it’s time now for the big break-out, I’m quite certain that this ironically titled silver platter will be regarded soon, as the best album of VENGEANCE since the mythical “Arabia”, published back in 1989 with a guitar player named Arjen Anthony Lucassen, who is leading now the highly successful project AYREON.

Their biggest asset is today clearly another axeman: Timo Somers (son of the ex-VENGEANCE guitar player Jan Somers, deceased in 2011 – R.I.P.) who takes his responsibilities in giving his best, to honor his father's memoir, not only by providing an amazing collection of blistering guitar solos but by enhancing the sound of the band with a little something more uplifted and contemporary (“World Arena”). His many interventions and his lead spot are the highlights of the disc, he holds a great talent, an incredible god gift, an immense reserve of intense chops plus a strong and tasty tone.  The stainless Leon Gowie’s raspy voice is also in fine shape, and his screams are powerful as ever, his versatility is obvious from scorched yelling to ultra clean (“Tears From The Moon”), I think that his performances are among his most notable, only matched by his huge singing out of the WAY OF THORNS/STONEWASHED album in 1995. The style displayed here is a clever mix of Euro Melodic Metal and an energetic, timeless guitar driven Hard Rock.

As always the band used many different external writers like Carsten Lizard Schulz (EVIDENCE ONE) or Johann Fiegl under the coordination of Michael Voss (WOLFPAKK / MAD MAX / ex-CASANOVA), who provides also some great songs and who handled the production and the studio wizardry in his very own way: brilliantly. The “Raintime intro” is a short Bass solo that push the spotlight on the great Barend Courbois (BLIND GUARDIAN / ex-BISS) before kicking into “Raintime” for one of the most uplifting track of this “Piece Of Cake”, with the large amount of impressive licks unleashed by Timo Somers, which is only equaled by the tricky structures and the fine arrangements. So, I’ll dare to say that the album contains only good tracks and not a single filler, at least each songs detains an amount of exalting details and most of the time some great hooks, and of course as always, a jaw dropping Solo section with Timo Somers (DELAIN) shining with an impressive tone control and a magnificent melodic lava flow under his fingers.

His magic potential is mighty, like in "Back To Square One" that is a bluesy number with a meaty six strings lead in middle part played in a very emotional mood, very much in the Gary Moore tradition, in fact this song was written by Jan Somers and his son Timo makes his dad proud with such an deep interpretation. The down tuned "Headquake", is still quite convincing with a Modern riffage and a gang vocal chorus in the ACCEPT manner bounced by a high screaming attitude courtesy of Goewie, before taking an unexpected deviation with a funky breakdown while the young Maestro Somers is shredding his fretboard once again. The last part of the running order with “Mirrors” and the title track kept the pace up in the Rockin’ fashion while the album closes with the slow and groovy "Goodbye Mother Sky" with a surprising development, another great Hard Rock tune with another time the Leon's voice in a full blown and guess what: Another remarkable solo. Only minor letdown is the art work which is ugly, but a bad cover never turn me off an album, so I suppose nobody cares either.

This is a fierce return to a complete recovery and a full force for VENGEANCE, the old and new fans can purchase this burning album without a doubt, right now, in a blink of an eye.

4 Star Rating

1. World Arena
2. Tears From The Moon
3. Raintime Preload
4. Raintime
5. Sandman
6. Back To Square One
7. Headquake
8. Train
9. Mirrors
10. Piece Of Cake
11. Goodbye Mother Sky
Barend Courbois – Bass / Vocals
Timo Somers – Lead Guitars / Vocals
Leon Goewie – Lead Vocals
John Emmen - Drums
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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