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Venom - From The Very Depths

From The Very Depths
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 14 January 2015, 9:58 AM

Though it has been almost four years since the British giants emerged from the hell fire with “Fallen Angels”, it would be distasteful to reintroduce these guys over and over again. Apparently, after I had the distinguished honor to listen to their new Spinefarm Records release “From The Very Depths”, I actually figured that VENOM were never missed. Not because it is not the old band anymore with the classic names, but because they were always there, active and on the loose. Heeding to their new material made me realize how heavy an old relic can be and it was proven with infernal might. Cronos and the boys, Rage and Dante, attested that there is no need to adjust their material essence to the spirit of the age, and followed their demonic iconic truth feverishly. However, in comparison to the past classic that sounded raw, yet magical, they did take care of their signature sound to upgrade its massive magnitude.

Although it took me some time to bend my devotion to the old lineup, which two thirds of it remained till 2007, right before the guitarist / songwriter Mantas left the band, “From The Very Depths” helped me step through another phase in my understanding that band leader Cronos chose his new mates well to fit the band’s moniker image of the underworld and Satanic reverence. Pinpointing through the music, I could feel that the old darkened memorandum is still relevant. Rage’s guitar skills and riffing appeared rather unpretentious, but when push comes to shove, he nailed it both as a rhythm and lead guitarist. Dante, the last member to join VENOM, might not be the old Abaddon from the old days, but his tightness and bombastic aptitude are sensed.

Generally, I can’t really compare between “From The Very Depths” and the band’s old classic as these aren’t the same people involved and the old legacy is to be revered. The new album is less energetic, more stomping ground into muddy slow to mid tempo heavy guitar driven fumes and unholy chants from the daring mouth of Cronos, which his madness and charisma are carved in stone. Furthermore, VENOM sail through generic song structures, a kind which have served them well throughout the band’s longtime career. “Smoke”, “Crucified”, “Temptation” and “Evil Law” depend mainly on a chunk of steel with simplistic but brutish riffing, bashing through the skull, overall relentless heaviness that would make you burst. The anthem “Stigmata Satanas”, “Grinding Teeth” and “From the Very Depths” escalate the cataclysm further right into the edges of damnation, slicing with mid temp swings, straightforward as tradition calls. On the other hand, I truly felt right on spot, back into the belly of the old school insanity with the supposed live, supposed studio war cry “Rise”.  Once again VENOM show no in genuine sense, however, it is nothing less than a surge of power in one’s hands, an inner pride to follow the blackness of Metal and on towards joining the legions of hades.

VENOM tormented by keeping up their legacy. They might have sunk into slow motion solidity; they are still fueled with the outpouring of the underworld. Ignited with a great production, “From The Very Depths” is a wonderful foundation, a positive milestone in the VENOM’s ongoing fight in today’s massive worldwide Metal scene. Be sure to tune in to the true Black Metal legion.

4 Star Rating

1. Eruptus
2. From the Very Depths
3. The Death of Rock'n'Roll
4. Smoke
5. Temptation
6. Long Haired Punks
7. Stigmata Satanas
8. Crucified
9. Evil Law
10. Grinding Teeth
11. Ouverture
12. Mephistopheles
13. Wings of Valkyrie
14. Rise 8.5
Cronos – Bass, Vocals
Rage – Guitars
Dante - Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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