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Venom - In Nomine Satanas (40 Years Anniversary - The Neat Anthology) Award winner

In Nomine Satanas (40 Years Anniversary - The Neat Anthology)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 June 2019, 2:20 AM

Even in 2019, when I listen to the gruffly raw sawing sound screeching out of their early demos and classic albums, it still gives me the chills. The electricity levels rise as some of the nostalgic notes and war cries of the past boom through my mind. It will never get old or outdated, and it could never be outshined by anything modern. People that know me well, know that I am a crazy IRON MAIDEN fan, yet the true essence of the underworld couldn’t escape me, though has been portrayed as gimmick. It had been solely laying in the darkened souls of the unholy trio VENOM clan. Back in their prime, they were the heaviest band coming out of England, hell, I think they were the heaviest worldwide, before the term Extreme Metal was thought of. They were the true meaning of evil.

In order to truly commemorate four decades of pure venomous evil, BMG made it happen with a 2CD special compilation book, titled “In Nomine Satanas”, summarizing the classic years of VENOM’s original lineup: Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon, in their Neat Records years, dating between 1980 to 1986. The high quality 2CD book includes a marvelous booklet, which includes rare photographs of that mystical era of the other side of NWOBHM along with written word by Dom Lawson and supremely intriguing interviews made with the three original members, now split into two bands.  Based on the written story of the band and its evolution, it is safe to say that VENOM’s history had been entwined with Neat Records’, as it was Conrad Lant, aka Cronos, that was one of the individuals that made it happen for the label to become a backbone for local Heavy Metal bands. Of course with furthermore forging a new reality for the band he joined in 1979, name changed to VENOM.

The first CD shares the foremost material of the band in that six years' margin, no merely the official album tracks but also several starring singles that made it to the top. Singles such as the doomy Armageddon “Warhead”, no doubt that a killer, “Manitou”, fear the Indian monster, “Die Hard” as the next in line crusher and of course the thrilling “In Nomine Satanas”. Joining these winners are primal hits as “Black Metal”, “Welcome To Hell”, “Buried Alive”, my favorite “Angel Dust”, “One Thousand Days In Sodom”, and “Countess Bathory” just to name a few, and there is quite a lot I’d tell you that. Although the remastering, it is still possible to inhale the roughness of the band’s production values.

The second CD is the second wave of hits of the same time period, including amazingly performed live versions of staggering prospects such as the mighty “Witching Hour” and “Chanting of the Priests”. However, I believe that there is a historical value of this CD, especially with first four tracks. Back in October 1980, Neat Records’ studio was offering bands the 50£ per demo recording option and VENOM were also in line in the studio. Therefore, two evocative tracks were presented in their raw form, “Angel Dust” and “Sons Of Satan”. With these two VENOM created their basis. Earlier that year, in April, VENOM recorded as Impulse Studios the demo versions for the profound “Raise The Dead” and the dim, yet violent, flavored “Red Light Fever”. Of course there were more demos of that period, yet I think that the devoted were provided with an option to experience the best of those moments, and in good quality. Other great tracks accompanying the relics are “Acid Queen”, “Leave Me In Hell”, “7 Gates Of Hell” and “Dead Of Nite” among savages.

There is nothing better for the younger Metalheads’ generation than to get to know a crucial band that positioned themselves as game changers in their local scene along with influencing countless of Metal bands. Years after their prime and that same influence still has its effects. “In Nomine Satanas” is a proud build of sheer ferocity, not giving rats’ ass on revamping the 70s Hard Rock years, but to celebrate the start of a wave of total oblivion, primitiveness, noise and utter madness that is still on.
Purchase Link: MusicByMail

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome to Hell
2. Angel Dust
3. In League with Satan
4. In Nomine Satanas - single version
5. One Thousand Days in Sodom
6. Bloodlust
7. Black Metal
8. Buried Alive
9. Countess Bathory
10. Teacher's Pet
11. At War with Satan - Intro
12. Die Hard
13. Stand Up (And Be Counted)
14. Women, Leather and Hell
15. Warhead
16. Lady Lust
17. Woman
18. Manitou
19. Satanachist
20. Too Loud (For the Crowd)
21. Possessed
22. Nightmare

1. Sons of Satan (50£ Demo Recordings, Oct 1980)
2. Raise the Dead (Impulse Studio Demo, Apr 1980)
3. Red Light Fever (Impulse Studio Demo, Apr 1980)
4. Angel Dust - 1980 (50£ Demo Recordings, Oct 1980)
5. F.O.A.D.
6. The Chanting of the Priests (Live)
7. Sadist (Mistress of the Whip)
8. Witching Hour (Live)
9. Dead of the Night
10. Acid Queen
11. Bursting Out
12. Bitch Witch
13. 7 Gates of Hell
14. Dead On Arrival
15. Hounds of Hell
16. Schizo (Live)
17. Leave Me In Hell
18. Senile Decay (outtake)
19. Snots Shit
20. Aaaaaarrghh
21. Venom
Cronos - Vocals / Bass
Mantas - Guitars
Abaddon - Drums
Record Label: BMG Music


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