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Venomous Skeleton - Drowning in Circles

Venomous Skeleton
Drowning in Circles
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 April 2020, 8:09 AM

The greater problems of some releases is the lack of knowledge about the benefits from good sound qualities. A good production doesn’t mean that a band can’t sound crude and filthy, but it must be understood. And still there is a great misunderstanding about this matter, because a good production must fit in the musical ideas of the bands as well. But the trio VENOMOUS SKELETON missed the deeper sense of these words on “Drowning in Circles”.

The trio’s music is a form of Old School Death Metal, gathering influences from names of the 80’s as DEATH, POSSESSED and (especially) CELTIC FROST, and some traces from early MORBID ANGEL and ENTOMBED works. Their music is good, and even being distant of sounding something new and fresh, very good ideas arise from their music, with good guitar riffs and rhythmic work (the vocals could be not as low tuned as are presented on the songs), and the energy is clear as well, besides they must evolve a bit more. But…

The bigger problem is the lack of comprehension of how they could sound. The choice for a filthy and raw sound isn’t the problem, but for something that is a bit beyond the right point. It’s hard to understand deeply what they’re about. A cleaner sonority, caring for making the band’s musical arrangements appear clearly, could have saved the album, but it’s not the case.

On the eight songs of the album (“Dawn of the Beholders” is just an instrumental intro), be band shows good musical ideas, as can be heard (with great efforts of the listeners) on “Divine Realm of Existence” (very good guitar riffs), “Alevas San Tatianas Aleli” (the contrasts between fast parts and slow moments is a very good choice), “Chalice to the Other World” (the slow tempos and bitter ambiance are really fine), “Taste the Celestial Blood” (good very good fast parts), and “Drowning in Circles”, but as Ozzy said some years ago, ‘Hell is full of good ideas’.

Once more: the trio has a good talent that can turn into a great form of music, but must evolve musically and produce their music in a better way. Maybe the sonority of “To Mega Therion”, “Left Hand Path” or “Altars of Madness” could be good referential frames for VENOMOUS SKELETON in the future.

Musicianship: 6
Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 4

3 Star Rating

1. Dawn of the Beholders
2. Divine Realm of Existence
3. Tomb of the Restless Soul
4. Alevas San Tatianas Aleli
5. Chalice to the Other World
6. Taste the Celestial Blood
7. Curse of the Moon
8. Hallucinogenic Sulfuric Mantra
9. Drowning in Circles
Nir Doliner - Vocals, Guitars
Chen Dahan - Bass
Davidov - Drums
Record Label: Everlasting Spew Records


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