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Venomous – Tribus Award winner

by Santiago Puyol at 10 April 2021, 12:30 PM

Coming from São Paulo, Brazil, Melodic Death metallers VENOMOUS have released "Tribus" this past February 19th 2021, following two full-length albums, 2018’s "Defiant" and 2019’s "The Black Embrace". "Tribus" as many other records released this year as well as during 2020, has been entirely composed in isolation, without rehearsing or sharing ideas in a studio or rehearsing place as it is usual for band efforts. That sense of longing for unity surely translate into the songwriting, better exemplified by the closing track and single "Unity".

Opener "Eerie Land" starts the EP with a gorgeous syncopated piano intro that flows perfectly together with the heavy riffing and thunderous rhythm section. It has an uplifting feel even after the harsh vocals enter, yet tingled with a shade of nostalgia. A Power Metal-ish chorus highlights how Tigas Pereira’s vocals are powerful both in harsh and cleans, truly carrying the song along. Renato Castro’s bass has some interesting runs and is surprisingly present on the mix. A track with a really proggy structure and songwriting.

Some Djenty feels from the guitar work in the intro of "Trinity", before moving into full-blown Melodic Death/Thrash territory. The song features pulverizing drumming by Lucas Prado and some truly nasty shredding. Here VENOMOUS harkens back to the Progressive Thrash and Melodic Death Metal from the 90’s, equal parts IN FLAMES and DEATH, with just a hint of fellow countrymen SEPULTURA.

"Duality" follows and a dash of Alternative Rock and Post-Hardcore makes it way into this song, the most accessible and straightforward of the bunch, even if it is pure Thrashy mayhem in the verses. The contrast between the verses and the uplifting chorus truly represents that "Duality". Some bits evoke "Alaska"-era BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME even. The synth work truly adds a bit of a mysterious, sci-fi vibe and you can enjoy tasteful soloing all over the song.

Saving best for last, "Unity" is a beautiful closing track that sounds decidedly modern, with its softer sections evoking CALIGULA’S HORSE or LEPROUS brand of Progressive Metal. A tour de force, melodic yet hard-hitting. Quite a straightforward song, less technically complex as previous track but every bit as compelling. It ends on a lovely and elegant piano coda by Felipe Abbamonte.

Overall, "Tribus" is a gorgeous step forward for VENOMOUS, a slice of proggy Melodic Death Metal, that rests on masterful musicianship, strong and memorable songwriting and solid production values. The main complaint one can have with this EP is that it ends too soon. It certainly leaves you wanting and waiting for more!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Eerie Land
2. Trinity
3. Duality
4. Unity
Tigas Pereira – Vocals
Ivan Landgraf – Guitars
Gui Calegari – Guitars
Renato Castro – Bass
Lucas Prado – Drums
Felipe Abbamonte – Piano & Keyboards
Record Label: Brutal Records


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