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Venus – Project Lamda Award winner

Project Lamda
by Fred “Cage” Bonanno at 13 September 2022, 10:31 PM

VENUS is a horror/sci-fi/thrash metal band formed in Athens Greece in 2021, and I don’t know much more than that on this two-man band of Giorgos Verginis and Antonis Avtzis and the release of the debut, four song EP “Project Lamda” in July 2022. I did the usual research on their Facebook page and Google, coming up empty, so I went to the horse’s mouth, the band directly, and quoting “We’ve been together since we can remember our self’s, doing the one thing we love and that is playing music”. They are inspired by bands such as VEKTOR, KREATOR, DEATH and MEGADETH. Since only guitars and vocals are listed by the press release, I naturally asked about possible other musicians that contributed and again quoting “For now, we will announce the full line-up around October or November and hope to have the full album release next year”.  A mysterious and perplexing escapade, for sure. Fusing horror, sci-fi and thrash into one musical collaboration does arouse and pique my curiosity but I don’t know what to wear when I put the CD on, my leather pants and spiked hair or my Star Wars Darth Vader helmet, decisions, decisions.

“Art of Illusion” opens up with sonic -laden riffs and harsh, gravelly vocals with lighting fast drums intertwining with clean vocals sporadically mixed in paired with ear shredding guitar solos that finish the song with convulsing growls. Progressing to a circular, exotic-laden riff on “Helios Abandoned” with a mellow, velvety piano into and softer, clean vocals before blasting into amp exploding riffs and circling back to the harsh, darkened vocals, very intricating tempo that shifts between trash and heavy metal. Gritty, dirty heavy riffs that tandem with clean/harsh vocals give “Multilingual Monstrosities” a rather eloquent, intoxicating sound (I never thought I would use “eloquent” in reviewing thrash metal) with a hyper drive, powerful guitar solo that carries the song to the end. We end with the title track “Project Lamda”, a nice, melodic guitar intro with soft drum cymbals accompanying before leaping into sinister, eerie talking vocals, a chorus type chant that transitions into a frenzy blistering guitar riff and solo.

There is a lot of music packed into this EP, and a lot to process. VENUS is most definitely blackened, thrash, power metal with beefy guitar riffs and dark, intense harsh vocals married to lighting drums. Some interesting twists and angles throughout this album with definite elements of horror and Sci-Fi.  I was curious on the meaning of the album title, so again I went to the band for answers, quoting “The beginning of the song is Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic story we did under the name Project Lamda, but twists into an individual trying to find his way out of troubling thoughts, we dig a little deeper so we can express our own feelings and experiences”. The lyrics truly read like a Sci-Fi novel, and I wanted to list a few choice lines to showcase but only a few lines would not have done justice to these complicated, deep, and captivating lyrics.

My suggestion to the band would be to ditch the harsh vocals and stick with clean, recognizable vocals to bring out the true feelings of their songs. I know I’m assigned to review and not reinvent the wheel, but with the incredible musicianship VENUS brings to the table, I personally feel clean vocals would have brought “Project Lamda” to new heights. Having said that, this is an interesting, unique, complex, and diverse debut effort. May the force be with you.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Art of Illusion
2. Helios Abandoned
3. Multilingual Monstrosities
4. Project Lamda 
Giorgos Verginis – guitars, harsh vocals
Antonis Avtzis – guitars, clean vocals
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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Edited 25 September 2022

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