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Venustra - Candy Apples Custom Made

Candy Apples Custom Made
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 February 2020, 2:54 AM

Today, the use of the term ‘Opera Rock’ almost disappeared from the scene. It was heavily used during the end of the 60’s and the entire 70’s to point for conceptual albums (THE WHO’s “Tommy” is a fine example) or soundtracks for films (as in the case of “Jesus Christ Superstar”), and can be used as a theatrical musical soundtrack (“Tommy” became such thing during the 90’s). Of course some bands used the concept since then, but it’s a rare thing. And the North American quartet VENUSTRA (from Austin, TX) is using it again, but our focus is their latest release, “Candy Apples Custom Made”.

Of course the listener can find theatrical elements on the band’s songs, but their music is primarily modern and fresh, bearing a heavy dose of aggressiveness and weight, being distant from the classic model. It could be said as an eclectic form of modern Metal/Rock bands as ALTER BRIDGE, but even more experimental and filled with so many influences that turn the classification of their work in a hard work. The best to do: heard and enjoy the songs, because their work is really very good. The sound quality is good, done in a modern and fresh way, what means that it’s loud and clean for the total understanding of what the quartet is up to. But the strength and heavy weight of their music is amazing, along with a crushing aggressiveness. Yes, it’s a very good work, besides the tunes for the drums could be better.

All the songs are really good and can offer a very good time for those who hear it, but the hypnotic aggressiveness of “Ringmaster” (very good guitar and vocals) and “Step Right Up!”, the introspective and filled with an horror aesthetics “Shelved”, the abrasive slow tempos of “Charivari” (the solid work of bass guitar and drums creates the right rhythm for a theatrical sample of the vocals) and of “Candy Butcher”, and the short and catchy “Misery Theatre” (some Gothic Rock influences can be heard) are the ones for a first time in their musical work.

Of course that to be an Opera Rock album by itself doesn’t justify a thing, but “Candy Apples Custom Made” really is impressive. And VENUSTRA shows itself as another very good name from North American scene.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. One and All…
2. Ringmaster
3. Step Right Up!
4. Cannival
5. Shelved
6. The Ace Note (Intermission)
7. Charivari
8. Candy Butcher
9. Popped Lights
10. Misery Theatre
11. …All Out and Over
Synderella Nervosa - Vocals, Bass
Eamon Orodrim Danzig - Lead Guitar
Ozzy Zion Nelson - Rhythm Guitar
Dave.mp3 - Drums
Record Label: Mystery Theatre Records


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Edited 02 December 2022

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